You might think that seeing the mirror hour 22:28 is a coincidence, but if you come across it frequently and by accident it could be that there is a message that needs to be delivered to you. It is therefore important to understand this hour’s significance in order to make the best life decisions possible.

To help you figure out the meaning of the triple mirror hour 22:28 we offer you a complete interpretation of the hour using the guardian angels and an analysis of numerology. Coming across mirror hours regularly can lead to multiple interpretations.

Some people think that their guardian angel wants to get in contact with them. Others see these hours as a sign from someone who has passed away or as the answer to a question. But whatever they are, these mirror hours are almost impossible to ignore and their meanings have the power to reveal many secrets.

Significance of 22:28 with the Guardian Angels

Habuhiah is the guardian angel that symbolizes fruitfulness and healing. He is using the triple mirror hour 22:28 because he wants to send you messages. With him, everything you do will prosper and grow. He also inspires within you a love of effort and hard work. Under his influence your efforts in the workplace will always be met with success, no matter what activity you set your hand to. All things will become profitable especially if you work in agriculture or animal husbandry.

The guardian angel Habuhiah who is your patron and protector is also telling you that he will watch over any births and help to fight against infertility while also providing healing for any illnesses. He will be with you in the fight against cancer, cysts, respiratory diseases, acne, burns, dermatological problems, and more. He is able to improve your quality of sleep while also protecting you from insomnia.

Through the triple mirror hour 22:28 Habuhiah is indicating that he will improve your sensitivity towards others while also giving you better listening skills. He also wants to remind you that you are a sensitive, efficient, curious, persistent, tenacious, and meticulous person. Under this guardian angel’s protection you will have a thriving social life.

The angel is letting you know that he will also foster your love of nature. By his side you will develop a love for the countryside and wide open spaces. Furthermore, he is telling you that he will protect you from poverty, deprivation, insect attacks, and pollution. He is also telling you that he can rid you of any infections and contagious diseases.

He also wants to let you know that he will put you on the right path if you are ever feeling lost between the things you want and the things you need. He will protect you from such discrepancies and disconnects as well as from any lack of synchronicity in your life. Whenever you find yourself out of sync you will be able to find harmony once again. Your angel is there to protect you, guide you, and accompany you throughout your life.

What does 22:28 mean in Numerology?

In numerology and when associated with the triple mirror hour 22:28 the number 50 brings you vibrations of a very harmonious nature. It is a sign of enormous creative power which will allow you to thrive emotionally while also bringing you great peace of mind. This number suggests joy within a relationship and within one's family life. You will attract others with your exceptional charm and magnetism.

The angel number 50 gives you a more open and creative mind which will allow you to succeed professionally. You think fast and you act the same, seeing this as a kind of challenge. On the other hand you can’t stand to have monotony in your day-to-day life nor can you stand to handle heavy responsibilities. Instead you prefer freedom and travel for fear that you may otherwise become morose, irritable, or agitated. You are also spontaneous and enthusiastic.

The number 50 also brings vibrations of movement and change. It encourages you to travel, to see new horizons, and to explore the unknown. It is the symbol of creative, physical, sexual, and intellectual energy. You like to take life as it comes, one day at a time. You are fearless, inspired, and ever-changing. You dislike standing still and when it comes to changes in your life you often invoke them without any reason in order to help you thrive.

In numerology this number also suggests that you have a strong personality. You have talent and energy and you are also intelligent. These are the things that will lead you towards success. You always seek to live life to the extreme and you also seek social success and glory. You have great potential to thrive in the fields of art and literature as well as in professions which involve relationships with others. You have a constant need for vigorous activity.

Through the triple mirror hour 22:28 the number 50 is telling you that you are a person who is detached from any material needs. No matter how rich or poor you are you always give to others. If you know how to handle your assets well or if you ask a trusted professional to do so for you, you will have the good fortune to succeed financially. But whatever the case may be never forget that your guardian angel will always be there to watch over you.

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  1. Thank Hahasiah for all of your help getting me here!!

    I welcome Habudiah and am grateful he will be walking with me!

    I am so thankful for all the angels, Yeshua, source and and the BB’s who have have spent endless hours teaching me over the past few years! An experience, although it’s not been easy, it’s been devistating more than once but at the same time it’s life transforming for the better, it’s mystical, magical, aww inspiring!! I’m truly blessed!? Thank you!! Love n Liight to all❣️

  2. I’ve been seeing this every night I open my laptop and 22:28 always that time but this helps a lot thank you Habuhiah😍

  3. This is so spot on! Since I’ve started seeing this number these very things in my life are coming right. Thank you!

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