Have you just checked the time and seen the hour “22:21” on your watch? You may have had a chill up your spine because this wasn’t the first time that you'd seen it, and you may have had the feeling that this hour holds great importance. There could be one or multiple reasons that you have been noticing this hour regularly.

You can find out the significance of this triple mirror hour using an interpretation of the guardian angels and an analysis of numerology. Mirror hours are actually wake-up calls which stem from both your own soul and from the universe itself.

The call of these hours is known as a synchronicity which occurs through your connection to the divine flow of life; something is happening which is beyond the scope of physical reality. We are now going to provide you with a message from your guardian angels as well as through numerology.

Significance of 22:21 with the Guardian Angels

By using the triple mirror hour 22:21 the guardian angel Habuhiah who is your patron and protector is telling you that he will help you to realign your desires so as to stop the inner turmoil which is causing a disconnect between what you want, what you do, and what you are. Don’t forget that discrepancy between one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions can make one feel out of place, as if you are leading a double life rather than being your true self.

Habuhiah is also telling you that he will boost your ability to quickly and accurately work out how others are feeling. He is telling you that he offers up his energy to assist you. You are an open-minded and curious person who always wants to learn new things and discover different ways of life. He is indicating that he will protect you from ignorance, lack of knowledge and wisdom, etc.

Through the triple mirror hour 22:21 this guardian angel is telling you that he will bring you healing while also helping you to understand the laws of the divine. He is able to harmonize your body and help you to understand what is naturally good for you. But more than this, he will also give you a great sensitivity towards others. He is a valuable source of support in maintaining one's health and curing various illnesses.

Habuhiah reigns over fertility and agriculture. He supports your fondness of the countryside, for hunting, gardening, etc. Everything you plant in the Earth will bear fruit; your harvests will be very prosperous. He will also help you to understand the secrets of nature. Thanks to this guardian angel you will have the power of creation. Furthermore he will protect you from poverty, insect infestation, shortfall, deprivation, and more.

If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, Habuhiah is telling you that he will be of great support. He will light your way through the tunnel to allow you to get through it with ease. He will also help you if you find yourself lost in a myriad of needs and desires. He will protect you from leading a double life while also keeping away quacks and fraudulent doctors.

What does 22:21 mean in Numerology?

When associated with the triple mirror hour 22:21 the angelic numerology of the number 43 brings good vibrations filled with vitality. With this number you will see just how easy it is to reach your goals and to make progress in your endeavors. This number fosters creation as well as original ideas and actions but prepare for the unexpected and any problems which may arise.

The number 43 also helps build your confidence, nerve, and inventiveness, and you know that you will need these skills in order to overcome all the obstacles which appear along your way. You will be able to thrive in the fields of fashion and art but you should also know that this number hides an enigmatic side which relates to investigations, mysteries, and the occult.

This angel number suggests that on the emotional level you live your life in happiness and love; you experience joyous living at the heart of your home. However it also warns you that there are a few downsides as well. The negative aspects of this number include: abuse, obstacles to achieving happiness, and material concerns. You should be careful of these.

In connection with the triple mirror hour 22:21 the numerology behind the number 43 supports spiritual activities as well as your own inner and spiritual life. It is associated with understanding and curiosity and because of this you have the constant need to explore and to understand all the things around you. You like taking the time to reflect, weigh things up, as well as study and analyze the events and people around you.

This number also suggests respite, introspection, spirituality, religion, faith, and philosophy. You find personal contentment through learning, concentration, meditation, and through answering the most fundamental questions in your life. You are an intuitive and mystical person and are capable of analyzing and finding the answers to all of your torments and disillusions.

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  1. Yes… I kind of know almost all my answers.. But i think that ny ego gets in the way.
    I beg you, please, take away this false hope, this false love, this infatuation from my heart.
    I want to be free, happy, sure of what i want, who i am, and what is my true desire!
    I wish to find true and honest love. Its been so long and hard!!
    Its time for me to be happy, dont you think?
    So, i am willing to give my whole honest huge marveluos love to the right person!
    Dont need to suffer anymore, dont want to feel lonely anymore, 10+years is enough right? I am honest, i am loyal, i am the REAL DEAL. And you all know this as a fact…
    Sending you all my deep love and honor to your lovely messages that i adore and wait every single day.
    Love u all!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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