Accident plays no part in coincidence when we are talking about triple mirror hours like 11:17. These are a way for the universe to send us messages. Indeed, the universe uses numbers made up of identical figures in order to communicate with us. It whispers quietly into our ears so that we will look up at the time necessary to catch sight of such an hour on the dial of our watch, on our phone, on our tablet, or on our computer.

Even if it does feel accidental, the universe still wants us to take notice of these signs. If you have seen the triple mirror hour 11:17 frequently over the past several days then this is a sign that should not be ignored. It hides an important and powerful message which concerns you, your life at the present moment, and your future.

This hour has a significance and it is through an analysis of it that you can come to understand its meaning. To interpret this hour we call upon the help of numerology and the guardian angels. Continue reading to find out more about the significance of this triple mirror hour.

Significance of 11:17 with the Guardian Angels

Lehahiah is telling you through this triple mirror hour that he represents subordination and work. He breathes his powers and gifts into you to allow you to work in the service of a higher cause. With him you will be able to work with humility and respect, as well as discipline and order. Should work ever feel overwhelming he will help to strengthen your will.

Through this triple mirror hour this angel who is your patron and protector is also telling you that he will encourage you in your efforts and improve your endurance and concentration. He knows that you will need all of these things in order to progress. He will also bring you security of employment; advancement and longevity in your career; social awareness; as well as feelings of gratification from the honor of what you do.

The guardian angel Lehahiah is telling you that he can help you if you are having problems with authority or if you are lacking in judgment or power. He will also protect you from unjust laws, tyranny, and authoritarianism. At the same time he will rid your life of disloyal people who are inauthentic and cannot be trusted.

This angel is also telling you that he is the incarnation of peace and that he will bring back into your life the peace of mind that you have lost along the way. He will help you to implement peace and forgiveness into your life. What’s more, he will afford you with great patience and perseverance to allow you to succeed in everything you do.

Lehahiah is also reminding you that you have the trust and recognition of your superiors. He fosters respect in your work and will give you what you deserve depending on the things you have done, whether it be a promotion, a pay rise, or more. By working hard you will find success and you will become highly paid, greatly awarded, and held in high esteem.

What does 11:17Β mean in Numerology?

When associated with the triple mirror hour 11:17 the angel number 28 heralds positive things in your future. It represents participation, alliances, and a fruitful partnership. It will also bring you positive support to help foster your professional success. You know how to organize and combine your efforts and you have the skills to be a leader or the head of a team thanks to your sense of conviction and tact.

In numerology this number also symbolizes a strong adaptive ability, a high level of maturity, and a substantial amount of protection. These qualities will be useful for you in overcoming all the ups and downs of life like sadness, remorse, upset, uncertainty, and more. You will see things improving in your life and will also have the support of women. You will also shine brightly thanks to your ability to do several tasks at the same time.

Through the triple mirror hour 11:17 this number also points to a highly productive imagination, artistic talents, and a great sense of order. You could even end up experiencing fame in certain areas of your life but be careful not to fall into the adversity or infighting which can stem from this.

This number also invites you to tune in to your inner power while also making use of your kindness, listening skills, and sensitivity. You will then see that you have more confidence in yourself and a greater ability to express how you feel. You know how to resolve problems by considering all aspects of a situation. You have the ability to convince others thanks to your wisdom and care.

This angel number also reminds you that you are an authentic person with a unique personality. You like to do things in your own way and your independence and ambition mean that you do not need to depend on anyone either emotionally or financially. You dream big and you want to feel proud and worthy of your unique abilities.

Any comment on the 11:17 mirror hour?

18 responses to “11:17”

  1. Thank you Angel πŸ˜‡ 1117 for always being there for me you have always be beside me and I trust you Thank you for having me and the you Almighty for sending me your Angel of LIGHT to me at this moment I really need you by my side more than ever thank you πŸŽ‡πŸ™πŸ½πŸ«ΆπŸŽ‡

  2. Thank you Angel 1117
    For every help I really need you.
    Thank you for being here for me πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŒŸπŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸ½

  3. I made a song called 11:17 “Raines”
    I love this meaning hope you like the song too πŸ˜›

  4. It has to be over 15 years That I see 1117. I glanced at the clock in the morning and there it is in the evening there it’s 1117 again. Just now I set my 20 minute break time and it ends on 1117. These are just a few examples. So I have myself a guardian angel. Thank you for your help and for guiding me. I must be a handful

  5. 11 17 is my Birthday as well, and unfortunately the day my mom passed away in 2014, I sometimes wonder is this her way of communicating with me, I miss her so much, I’ve seen this number numerous times since she passed

  6. I have always seen this number if follow me everywhere it’s also my license plate number and my birthday as well move 17th but lately I have been seeing it a lot

  7. Hi there sacred BEing ! Sending you love, and gratitude for interpreting this Angel intel. May all the love you give me through this message, cOme round, and nourish you in the ways that serve you best. Sariah OKsana

  8. 11:17 is my son’s time of birth and I’ve been seeing it for years, on the clock and other places. I did achieve fame for a while, along with some rivalry that went with it, and I gave it up after my husband passed away. I have a better understanding now as to why I keep seeing this number. Thank you so much for the insight

  9. I’ve been seeing 11:17 am or pm for several weeks now. There’s an opportunity coming up in work that I have been waiting on, I’m also feeling generally very positive seeing this. I always make a wish / manifestation when I see this, much like 11:11

  10. I have a chronic illness, and I haven’t been able to work outside the home. I really feel like my life is over and nothing good will ever happen again. I’ve been seeing the number 11 17 the last couple weeks. This insight has really helped me. Thank you

  11. its my birthday too..and I look at the clock every single day at 11:17 randomly. Sometimes both AM and PM. But at least one of them. I have literally wondered my whole life what significance this had. Thank you so much.

  12. This is my husband, Jesus’s birthday….he went missing several years ago…. and I read the comments and he was also a drug addict….a really great man irregardless!

  13. I thought how odd that I keep seeing 11:17 all the time. I believe in numbers having meaning, but the reason I found it odd is because that is also my birthday. Everytime I would see it I would say happy birthday to me again, but not consciounsly aware the meaning of it. Thanks for enlightening me.

  14. Me too! And my sisters them my husband…kids…ALL do it! Parents anniversary is 11/17 and we grew up at 1117 β€”β€”β€”-! Have always wondered if I should worry or revel.

  15. HI, i’ve been a drug addict for years, lost everything i had and became bankrupt and dependent on my mom as a grown man i shouldn’t had… I am 33 years old now, getting back on my feet at extremely fast phase, thanks to the Angels, Amen!

    Now i’m on my way back to UK tomorrow, and things looking forward great – Thank You!

  16. There was a lot of confusion surrounding 11:17, whenever I saw it, because it was the door number of one of my mom’s old workplace. I believe it was a rehabilitation home for drug and alcohol addicts. Upon reading this page it brought back fond memories that hadn’t came to my attention when looking at this time before.

    I now have positive feelings towards this number. Thank you.

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