Triple mirror hours like 00:07 will appear seemingly by accident when looking at your watch, phone, or computer. When they start to manifest themselves frequently, the sight of them might leave you with a strange sensation. Be aware that this is a phenomenon closely linked to the notion of synchronicity as discovered by Carl Jung.

Each and every triple mirror hour has its own meaning, a message which must be broken down. We can work out these messages using numerology and through an interpretation of the hours using the guardian angels.

If you have been seeing the triple mirror hour 00:07 regularly, do not wait too long before finding out what it means as it is surely an important message which you would do well to be aware of for the purpose of receiving guidance on your life path. What’s more, the repeated appearance of this special hour can have several different meanings. Continue reading to find out what they are.

Significance of 00:07 with the Guardian Angels

The guardian angel Veuhiah, angel of transformation, is showing you the triple mirror hour 00:07 on a regular basis to try and get in contact with you: there are messages that he wants to share. He wants to tell you that he will give you a greater force of will in creative and transformative pursuits as well as the means to succeed in whatever you are taking on at this moment in time.

This angel who is your patron and protector is using this triple mirror hour to let you know he is guiding you towards a role as a trend-setter. By his side, you will be a model of leadership for your peers. He will give you great skills of concentration which will allow you to focus on nothing but your objective and on the best way to achieve it.

He also wants to let you know that if you are currently in a complicated situation, he will be there to help you find practical solutions so that it doesn’t drag out too long. He doesn’t want you to become stuck in a situation which is preventing you from moving forwards. He also wants you to know that he will protect you from turmoil and irritation and that his influence in your life will stop you from launching into things which are bound to fail.

Through the triple mirror hour 00:07 your guardian angel is telling you that he will give you powerful healing energy. You will be able to treat your own mental illness, depression, and feelings of malaise. He will therefore be of help to you if you work in the field of medicine by bringing your heart courage, confidence, and passion.

What’s more, if you are feeling lost or unable to find the right path then Veuhiah is letting you know that he will be beside you to guide you and help you find your path once again. He is also indicating that he will fill you with energy and keep any potential lulls in energy or motivation at bay.

What does 00:07 mean in Numerology?

The numerology behind the number 7 also offers different interpretations of the triple mirror hour 00:07. The message behind this number is that you are the kind of person who always seeks the truth. You like to set out in search of the unknown and you like to find answers to all the mysteries of life.

The angel number 7 reminds you that you have a sharp mind and that you are an analytical thinker who is able to demonstrate clairvoyance and concentration. You like to work on your own, however, because you have a habit of always sticking to your own methods and ideas and will therefore always find it difficult to work in a group. Since you enjoy being alone, it is important for you to have your own space and privacy. Once your space has been violated you may become irritable and frustrated. At the same time you shouldn't withdraw into yourself too much or become too independent as you will then end up shutting out the outside world.

You are very skilled at learning and analyzing things and at pursuing answers to the important questions in your life. Because of this you have a lot of potential which will help you to progress and succeed. You radiate wisdom and nine times out of ten you will be highly successful in the fields of medicine, invention, spirituality, insurance, esotericism, and science.

The angel number 7 in conjunction with the triple mirror hour 00:07 also indicates that you have balance in your life. As of now you will become a more endearing and charming person. You know a lot of things and this will lend naturally to attracting others, especially the opposite sex, but even if you are the kind of person who gives a lot in social situations, you know that you sometimes need to return to your own bubble so as to truly thrive.

This angel number is warning you through the triple hour 00:07 that your need for solitude may lead to feelings of isolation and this could create a great emptiness in your life. When your isolation becomes too great you may become suspicious or cynical, so make sure to take all the negative aspects of your personality into account.

Any comment on the 00:07 mirror hour?

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  1. This resonated so much , im going through a spiritual transition and everything said was so spot on man ! Asé beautiful . I claim
    This energy protected , provided and blessed by my divine spiritual court of light love and truth that have my best interest at heart asé so it is said so it’s done 🪬🪬🪬🪬🫶🏾

  2. I’m so glad for you, that’s words is really helpful and give me a lot of A sense of reassurance.

  3. I have seen this number 00:07 since the 90’s constantly . Today curiously I had to look. And I can relate to most that was written. I’ve always thought something was there..so for the last 2 years or so now 11:11 has added itself to the list. Maybe I meditate much..I enjoy my gifts and always gives to life.

  4. I saw 00:07 some minutes past. 007 has always meant a great deal to me. And i know about numbers and their meaning.. Everything written here and described hits me, and is so me, and i believe this is true. I’m a walking testimony of all these. Thank you very much for this. This adds more data to the puzzles i’m solving. I have it all intact already, but more info makes it fun, solid and strong. God bless

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