The Mirror Hours

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Here is an overview of all the mirror hours from 01:01 to 00:00. Here you will be able to learn the meaning of all of the “twin” or double hours which you see when looking at the time in a digital format on your phone or on any other digital device.

To get all the information on mirror hours such as 09:09, 15:15, and 20:20, simply click on the button with the hour you want. You will then have immediate access to its meaning.

Mirror hours are a way for our subconscious to receive messages. There are many different possible interpretations of their meaning. If you regularly come across mirror hours, this could mean that:

Your subconscious is looking for answers. Your guardian angel wants to warn you about something. A person is currently thinking of you, either positively or negatively. An evil spirit has made contact with you.

It can be difficult to work out and to truly understand the meaning and the significance behind an 11:11 which has been following you around everywhere. Here we will help you to better understand the phenomenon of synchronicity, and finally learn the meaning of this hour that you are seeing every day!

To give you a reliable interpretation of mirror hours we use several tools which are used in the art of divination including guardian angels, numerology, and the Tarot of Marseilles. We will then be able to give you a complete and accurate meaning of the mirror hours from several different perspectives.

Reversed Mirror Hours

The reversed mirror hours such as 13:31, 14:41, and 15:51 also have a meaning with the angels and in numerology.

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Triple Mirror Hours

Triple mirror hours such as 02:22, 03:33 and 04:44. See the meaning of these triple mirror hours here.

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Significance of mirror hours with the guardian angels

Angelology allows us to better understand the methods which guardian angels use to communicate. Having studied the works of Doreen Virtue such as “Angel Numbers 101” and “Messages from your Angels”, we are able to give you a thorough interpretation of the angels’ message.

The mirror hours here represent a synchronicity with the angelic world, a sign on behalf of your angel who here acts as your protective spiritual guide. Communication with the angels occurs through various signs like seeing a feather, a butterfly, or the double mirror hours which we are looking at here.

It is a way for them to make themselves known to you, or to give you an answer. Some people are even given constant guidance by their angel through these means. They see mirror hours very often, as well as triple and reversed hours.

There are 72 guardian angels and the study of Kabbalah gives us knowledge of the 72 names of God. You can find out the name of your guardian angel by using your date of birth. There is a different one every 5 days. The first is called Vehuiah and the 72nd is called Mumiah.

Significance of mirror hours in Numerology

Coming across one of the 24 mirror hours can lead you to many different interpretations. It can be a message from a guardian angel as we’ve seen, but it can also be interpreted through numerology.

The mirror hours are a collection of numbers between 0 and 9 which are identical in the number of hours and minutes. It is often our subconscious which is able to capture the message of this synchronicity. The numbers have a meaning and we are going to give you an interpretation of each of these mirror hours with the help of numerology.

An analysis of the mirror hours through numerology allows us to interpret the message that time is trying to send to you through the double mirror hours that you see around you.

Significance of mirror hours in the Tarot of Marseilles

For all of the mirror hours you will also find a connection with one of the major arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles. This will give you an accurate message with the support of the most popular form of card fortune-telling.

You will have a complete overview of the arcanum, including its positive symbolism and negative symbolism, as well as a summary which will provide you with information about your future in the areas of love, work, and money.

Card reading is widely used in online fortune-telling, and a Tarot reading is indeed practical if doing a session remotely. If you need further information about your future, don’t hesitate to make use of our “instant readings”.

A fortune-teller will do a complete reading of the Tarot of Marseilles by web chat which will help you to find an answer to your doubts and queries at any time.


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