If you have been coming across the triple mirror hour 22:26 on a regular basis you would do well to try and find out what it means. There are messages within this hour that you should definitely get to know in order to receive guidance on behalf of the universe.

In order to help you unlock the true meaning of this hour we are going to use an interpretation of the guardian angels and an analysis of numerology. Mirror hours don’t occur by accident and there are many reasons that they may appear before us when we look at our watch.

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In reality they are signs from the universe itself. The universe is using mirror hours to call out to us because there are things that it wants to say. It is by way of our subconscious that the universe tells us if our guardian angel, an entity, or a person wants to get in contact with us.

Significance of 22:26 with the Guardian Angels

Habuhiah is the guardian angel of recovery. By showing you the triple mirror hour 22:26 on a regular basis he is telling you that he will be your primary source of support if you work in the field of medicine but he will also support you if you provide care or therapeutic treatment or if you practice metaphysical, spiritual, or energy healing. He protects you from contagious diseases and infections.

This guardian angel is your patron and protector and is also letting you know that by his side you will have a love for nature. You will develop a love for the countryside and wide open spaces. If you work in the field of agriculture he will offer you his light and power so that all your harvests bear fruit. Under his light nature will be forever fertile. He will therefore keep you from encountering barren soil, destitution, insect infestation, and deprivation.

Through the triple mirror hour 22:26 Habuhiah is telling you that he will grant you his support in your struggle against infertility and sterility. As the angel of fruitfulness he will help you to bring forth a child and to conceive a being with a powerful soul, while also allowing you to become more fertile. Furthermore he will fix a woman's tendency to dominate others as well as a man’s tendency to allow himself to be dominated by the opposite sex.

You should know that the guardian angel Habuhiah will protect you from joint problems, cysts, chills, dyslexia, burns, acne, pulmonary, dental, and kidney problems as well as from any dermatological problems you may have. You will have need of his support if you face any problems concerning your health.

You should also be aware that you will have need of his light and his power if you ever feel out of sync or if you want to find unity between the different aspects of your body and mind or within any disconnect that exists between your thoughts and emotions. He wants to inform you that he will be of help if you are ever feeling lost in the chaos of needs and desires.

What does 22:26 mean in Numerology?

When linked with the triple mirror hour 22:26 the angel number 48 has a really good vibration of a positive nature, but you should also know that this number can create imbalances if your mental state does not align with your environment. Thanks to your energy and force of will, however, you will be able to overcome any periods of difficulty quickly so as to find the success you deserve.

In connection with this triple mirror hour the numerology of the number 45 predicts that you will be very lucky when it comes to love and that all of your relationships will be successful. Thanks to certain aspects of your personality you have no problem finding allies and partners in your life. You are a kind, friendly, attentive, selfless, tender, and amicable individual. You naturally attract people towards you.

The number 48 points to your intelligence and your rational sense of logic. Even if you don’t find success in the immediate future you will get there in the end. However do not take the shortest path by acting in bad faith. You should maintain balance in order to experience positivity in every aspect of your life while also being more conciliatory and wise by demonstrating flexibility.

In numerology the number 48 tells you that you are a go-getter and thanks to your certainty and your confidence you have the capacity to move mountains. You do not like to encounter failure so you try your hardest to succeed. Enthusiastic and passionate, you have a need to feel energized each day and you enjoy intense situations which activate your emotions. This number reminds you that you have a dislike for hypocrisy, falseness, and scheming.

At the heart of this number is an indication that you are a passionate person who often bounces back on the emotional level. You always have a strong relationship with your partner but be careful because this could lead you towards feelings of possessiveness and jealousy. You are the kind of person who carries things through to the end and when you love somebody passionately you give the relationship your all.

Any comment on the 22:26 mirror hour?

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  1. This resonates with me right now, in this present moment. Thank you eternally Habuhiah, for guiding me to see this mirror hour twice today! Peace, love and namaste 🙂

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