Triple mirror hours are a sign that the universe is trying to open communication with you and send you a special message via the influence of certain numbers’ vibrations. Your eyes have started falling upon the triple mirror hour 01:11 on a regular basis and this has begun to intrigue you.

You find it strange that your eyes should land on this sequence of numbers consistently, and this has led you to ask some questions. You ask yourself if these were mere accidents or if these repeated coincidences could actually have a special significance. You should know that this hour is indeed revealing you a message, and that it deserves your attention.

When you start seeing the triple mirror hour 01:11 often you should make sure to monitor your thoughts so as to only think about the things that you want, and not about the things you don't. This hour is a sign that an opportunity is presenting itself to you and that your thoughts are rapidly taking shape, as if like a bright flash of light.

This means that the universe has just taken a snapshot of your feelings and caused them to manifest in the form of thoughts. To find out more about the message that this triple hour has given you, you can put your trust in the guardian angels and in numerology to give you an interpretation.

Significance of 01:11 with the Guardian Angels

The angel Elemiah, who is your patron and protector and the angel of protection and success, has been showing you the triple mirror hour 01:11 frequently because he has a message for you. He is telling you that he will give you his divine power to allow you to make progress in the esoteric sciences, the divinatory arts, and the occult. He will also give you natural power which brims with integrity, authenticity, and righteousness. He will help you to get back on your feet and to find a new life path.

At the same time the angel Elemiah is letting you know that he will give you great strength which will help you to spring into action and to make quick decisions. He also calls upon you to support divine creation. He will be your faithful companion as you continue to explore your life path, the guide you were always waiting for.

Elemiah is also telling you that he will help you to find direction in your professional life. He will give you a sense of initiative and help you to honor your commitments. With his energy you will become a more optimistic person. What’s more he will help you to get through all the difficult times you will face in the future and allow you to return to a state of peace while protecting you from feelings of irritation.

The guardian angel Elemiah is also pointing out that he is able to help you identify traitors. This isn’t so that you can seek revenge, but so as to allow you to make peace with the people who have betrayed you. What’s more he will make an effort to protect you from the forces of evil and keep people away from you who take part in black magic rituals and curses.

This angel is also letting you know that he will be beside you in your life to keep you from failing in the things you do. He is there to help you avoid misfortune and periods of negativity which may prevent you from advancing professionally. He will also stop you from having defeatist thoughts and ideas.

What does 01:11 mean in Numerology?

In numerology the number 12 is the symbol of rebirth on a higher level of existence as well as of profound wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, and sensitivity. The number is using the triple hour 01:11 to send you a message which will help guide your life in the right direction. The message behind this number is that you should forget your old habits as these need to change. You should be open to new opportunities and do so with optimism.

The angel number 12 also indicates that you are a fragile person both physically and morally. You find it difficult to get through times of hardship and to be successful you will have to learn how to overcome all this. You will put in a lot of effort and your guardian angel will be there to help you.

This number also teaches you that everything you give to the world should be positive. It asks you to always stick to the path of positivity and to make use of your natural talents, gifts, and skills as much as you can for your own benefit as well as the benefit of your peers. All throughout your life your guardian angel has been there to encourage you and surround you with love and joy.

The number 12 also suggests sacrifice and devotion to an intellectual, social, or material pursuit. It could be that this is interfering with your freedom due to an obstacle, commitment, or forced obligations. You should think about the consequences of your actions or else risk facing hardships and deceptions.

When the number 12 appears before you on a regular basis in numerology, your guardian angel is trying to tell you to look for different ways to improve your house, your local green space, and/or its surroundings. This will have an impact on your family life.

Any comment on the 01:11 mirror hour?

12 responses to “01:11”

  1. I see number 1:11 for the last 6-7 years. Every day or every other day.
    I saw the number on the clock and almost on all electronic devices, on damaged devices at which I am late, again I see that number of bass at a given moment.
    Thank you for this explanation helped me a lot.
    All the previous research I have found on this subject was half-time, your subject is complete.
    Thanks and nice regards from me.

  2. The number 12 also suggests sacrifice and devotion to an intellectual, social, or material pursuit. It could be that this is interfering with your freedom due to an obstacle, commitment, or forced obligations. You should think about the consequences of your actions or else risk facing hardships and deceptions. – this only started making sense now wow

  3. 1:11 is the number I see most often. At least twice a day and in conjunction with other numbers like 11:11, 11:12 and so on. I receive so many numbers on a daily basis it’s almost unnerving. I am going through a true awakening which has taken my music career in another direction but the music feels so much more authentic now. I’m happy to know that I’m being truly supported by the angels.

  4. I have been trying to reconnect with myself and my intuitions again.. I’ve been feeling strong energies lately, habing the most vivid dreams and trying to figure out to get back to the path of spirituality! I meditated earlier in the morning and asked the universe for some guidance, and I have been seeing this number the whole day, twice today I accidently stopped my cooking timer on 01;11, on my watch, my bill and many other places.. This article answers many questions, thanks a lot!

  5. I allso see 111 and1111 constantly and it was once a day seeing both lately seeing both sets of numbers twic to three times daily and most recent it has slowed back down to twice a week it has made me say why do I see those times and on working clocks and no working like turn the radio on in my Jeep and the time is stopped start the Jeep and I’m seeing 111 or 1111 turn it off clock resets start and take off and boom I manage to just look at the time when it’s one or the other numbers it really does start to make you think what is going on why am I seeing those two sets of numbers it’s been happening sence my daughter pasted I see it not just on clocks doors at motels just look and it’s there usually on those it’s always 111 street addresses both it has to be something telling me something

  6. Thank God.. hail Angel Elemiah.. heartful thanks.. love and devotion.. Angel Elemiah.. for remembering us.. thank God

  7. Thank you Elemiah and the Universe for looking after me.I know I will have all the health , love and abundance right here , right now!!Professionally I am geared to succeed and more money is flowing into my life and I am so grateful or all my blessings, past present and future. I know it all starts right now Thank you so very much

  8. Thanks to the Universe for this lovely thought. Just saw the number so strange I had to check the mean and now I feel great and hopeful…my pleasure

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