Phenomenons of synchronicity like the triple mirror hour 05:55 often prompt us to ask questions. This is especially true when they appear before us regularly, and there are many reasons that they may do so. Actually, this hour is a way for our subconscious mind to communicate with our conscious mind.

Furthermore, according to the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, it is possible for two unconnected events to have significance for the person who notices them. By showing you the triple mirror hour 05:55 regularly, the universe is trying to tell you that a great change will occur in your life, but you shouldn’t see this as something either positive or negative as all changes depend on life’s flow.

This hour could be an answer to your prayers so keep your thoughts fixed on happiness and your mind always at peace. To gain a detailed and more complete understanding of this special hour's significance, however, you should cast your eyes towards numerology and an interpretation of the guardian angels.

Significance of 05:55 with the Guardian Angels

When associated with the triple mirror hour 05:55 the guardian angel Caliel represents divine justice and truth. He prioritizes absolute truth in the realm of justice, while at the same time protecting you from slander. This guardian angel will help you to identify what is just and to grasp the connection between good and evil to allow you to celebrate the laws of the divine. Under his protection you will have an unassailable and righteous sense of judgment.

This guardian angel is your patron and protector and is using the mirror hour 05:55 to let you know that he is able to remove all doubts from your mind in order to replace them with love and integrity. He will also give you valuable support against adversity all while keeping you from difficult and unclear situations as well as any obscure challenges you may face.

Caliel is using the mirror hour 05:55 to inform you that he will keep people away who use justice for their own material wealth as well as people who just want to fight others and take things for themselves. He will also protect you from unlawful proceedings, from pretense, malpractice, altercations, abject behavior, and inaccurate pieces of evidence. If you are the victim of an accusation he will be of vital support.

As the guardian angel of absolute truth and divine justice, Caliel is also trying to tell you that he will help you in your work. You know how to distinguish good from evil which will thereby allow you to take the best decisions for your career. He will also give you clairvoyance and benevolence to allow you to respect the rules that come with living life in a society.

Through this triple mirror hour the guardian angel is also letting you know that he will provide help in your constant quest for honesty and loyalty. If you are a judge or a magistrate, or if you are studying law he will be an undisputed source of help. He wants you to breathe justice into everything you do.

What does 05:55 mean in Numerology?

The number 60 heralds love, harmony, achievement, and a sense of perfection. When related to the mirror hour 05:55, an hour that you’ve seen on a regular basis, the number is reminding you that you are a pacifist by nature. You find your fulfillment by putting yourself at the service of others and you are capable of sacrificing yourself for your peers. You are a caring person and you enjoy working towards resolving all kinds of complicated situations.

The angelic numerology of the number 60 heralds that you will have a lot of success in your work but to truly succeed you will need to demonstrate effort and force of will. You are the kind of person who needs movement and change in your life. You always strive for revival to allow you to escape from a difficult situation. At the same time your emotionality will be put to a severe test; you need to control it in order to avoid making a bad choice. To succeed, make use of your bravery, your clairvoyance, and your energy.

Through the triple mirror hour 05:55 the angel number 60 indicates that within your family you provide help to those close to you and that you are able to go to great lengths to meet their every need. You are loving, gentle, and friendly to those you love. You enjoy gratitude and feeling useful. For you, the love which others hold for you is essential. You are a very good partner and an astounding parent.

The number 60 inspires balance, independence, and harmony. You are influenced by this number which makes you a responsible and trustworthy person but you also enjoy the finer things in life like stimulating debates, traveling, etc. You also enjoy comfort which shows in the places that you choose to spend your life: both your home and your office.

The numerology of this number asks you not to seek perfection too much as this could become toxic by stopping you from taking action, stopping you from expressing yourself, or stopping you from making decisions. You should rid yourself of your inferiority complex and your constant sense of guilt as these will always push you to want to offer more than you are able.

Any comment on the 05:55 mirror hour?

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  1. The angels of light showing me this number 0:55. Archangel Caliel thank you for being there for me. Reaching a hand and guiding me on my way to understand the ways of life .to fulfill my missions resonating with the highest good of the universe. I thank the angels of the light. Love is the answer to any and everything. 🌏❤️🙏

  2. Thank You very much for being my guide and protector, Angel Caliel. I truly and humbly appreciate it.🙏🙏🙏😍

  3. Thank you so much my dear guardian Angel, please never let go of my side, I so much appreciate your directions in my life, please make me not to fall to the wrong path in life assist me to get to my divine heart desires to remain permanent in the right path. Amen

  4. Thanking you for appearing to me again today, Guardian Angel Caliel. I am deeply grateful for all of your benevolence, protection, and guidance. With you on my side, I’m so much more enthusiastic and hopeful for bringing more lasting love, comfort, and enjoyment into my life and the lives of others. Thank you for your steadfastness and dependability. I am forever thankful to you. Amen.

  5. It very much warmed my heart that you made your presence known to me again this morning Guardian Angel Caliel. I am very grateful to you for all of your protection, guidance, and kindness. Knowing you are with me along my journey gives me much strength and encouragement to continue on being content to do what I can each day and that I continue to find ways to brighten the lives of others as well. Thank you for all of your help. With much love, always and forever. Amen.

  6. Thank you angel Caliel…I receive all your blessings and presence. I am humbled I will follow your teachings in Jesus name amen

  7. Please 🙏. Let this be True let this be real!! I need you so much! Please protect us my angel l&l 🥺

  8. I am so grateful for your divine guidance and benevolence, Guardian Angel Caliel. Knowing that you are watching over me and helping me along my way gladdens my spirit and gives me strength. Thank you. Much love.

  9. Enkosi Thixo ngengelosi yakho u Caliel 🙏🏾❤️Thank you Lord for your Angel Caliel.

  10. On the 18/10/2022 I was dream a lovely horse in the ocean and he was swimming, I was there too on the water swimming to rich the hors , but in a minute I was feeling like I can’t swimming anymore I was try harder to get up trying to swim then I wake up from my dream, and I was looking at my phone and see the timer, it was first time I see the number 05:55 on my phone. I have no idea if is anything to do with my dream I have , but hopefully everything it will be ok. God Bless All !

  11. @Catriona, 19 yes you are been guided n sent messages of truth n justice by the wonderful guardian angel Caliel as with any other angel numbers you see or have recently seen they are all messages of love n support from our guardian angels at times when things are going so well or we need to face big challenges etc they will be there to assist us.

  12. Much gratitude and thanks to Guardian Angel Caliel defender of Truth n Justice I’m able to continue about any challenges of this nature and know things will be okay, I thankyou for your guidance and support.

  13. Hello to the guardian angel Khalil. I noticed your presence now and decided to always remember you. You must know how much you have saved me from despair and made me happy. You will give me courage and self-confidence in front of the people around me. Thank you so much. I love you so much.

  14. Thank you Guardian Angel Caliel, guardian angel of truth and justice, who assists in proving our innocence and teaches us the difference between good and evil, for communicating with me in my time of need. I am extremely grateful for your presence, guidance, and protection. Amen.

  15. Thank you for clarity Angel Caliel. I have a custody battle with the father of my child, on ropmof it my own mother’s sister has been slandering my name and giving false information to the father of my child that has led to us a tumultuous relationship. She has been a thorn for years. At work I have been undermined with my manager wanting to give my position to my fellow employee, his been pitting us against each other. Thank you angel Caliel that you stand for divine truth and that you are a protector. Please angel Caliel watch aandd protect my daughter as the custody battle has affected her and the subsequent separation from her father. I am being accused causing me great stress. But God is fixer and finisher of all things sent you angel Caliel to stand for me and my child. Thank you and I receive your blessings in Jesus name. Thank you for appearing at the right time. I am a conqueror in Jesus name amen.

  16. Great gratitude goes to the Almighty God I serve for He never snoozes and always fights my battles since day zero .

  17. Wow thanks to my guardian angel’s I always see mirror numbers,continue to guide and protect us….my spiritual life is what I’m working on right now,please give strength in this journey of mine,and to be in a hurry otherwise I will get tired,and not to be too slow otherwise I won’t see progress.keep up the good work God bless.❤️

  18. Hi you all, i see this number all the time, like before the alarmclock i catch 05:55 i cant count it how many times this have happend 🙂 on register plates when i travel, just on daily basis, but there is so much happening in my life right now that im not sure what is changing for me. My life is changing in 3 different fields kind of, and its not att good changes for the average person for me all changes happens for a reason but there is one change that is more important for me then the other two, anybody have any clue how to filter this.

    my best regards Dera

  19. This is just so accurate! Thank you for the guidance and clarification. I’ve been struggling with something and this helps me to see the bigger picture. Thank you!

  20. Wow. This morning I woke up around 3:30-3:45 ish and couldn’t sleep. So about 5 I began to mediate. As i was meditating I started traveling and as I began to see a bunch of stars a face appeared. I asked who it was and I kept seeing them name Haliel. As I finished meditating I opened my eyes and looked at the clock and it was 5:55am, which led me here. When I saw the Angel named Caliel, It blew my mind.

  21. WOW is all I can say, i am at the moment studying Law and have an essay to complete. Knowing I have you to help guide me through and lean in your direction gives me great thanks and appreciation… Thank you Angels, universe and spirit for always being loving, gentle and supportive!
    Thank you mirror hour x

  22. This cannot be any more accurate! When I seen this sign I received a call from a police officer saying they are getting him in for an interveiw and the next sign I got was saying someone could be going away for a very long time!?? That’s beyond Coincidence! And all my other numbers I’ve received over these past 4 years especially have never said that to me!. I 100000% beleive!! Thank you so much my Angel’s!! For blessing me with your signs and grace! Every single day!! Xxxx

  23. So Grateful to see this number for the first time and feeling well that I’m guided by Angels and archangels also .please don’t leave us alone because life would be beautiful every seconds with existence of you guiding us •Thanks God ,Thanks Angel Caliel

  24. Thank you very much I guess I am being guided because I see mirror. Numbers everyday and I get worried wanting to know their meaning.

  25. Dear Angel, Archangels, Universe; God, i please ask you Justice in my situation.
    Please, i acted out of honesty, trusting in this individuals.
    Its not possible, i worked hard for this money and i have no place to go if they dont pay me back.
    I beg you, Bless them, show them the ligth and so it is, in peace and harmony.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, “I love you, i am sorry, Forgive me, thank you”

  26. i been seeing numbers since the month of april and i dont know but i think im being guided…i got curious coz i never see this numbers before in my life and now it is happening and it never stops anymore..thank you angels for the guidance and strength i am experiencing of my battle of my life right now and i use this numbers to guide of what im feeling and it says it all on that moment…

  27. Soooo true! this is so true…
    I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.
    Each day is marvelous how guided i am by you my lovely beloved ones!!!
    I love you, i thank you and i hold you in my heart each second of the day!!!
    love always

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