Mirror hours will manifest themselves when the universe wants to send you a sign. At these moments the universe is asking you to be aware of the significance of the mirror hour, reversed mirror hour, or triple mirror hour that it shows you. If you come across the triple mirror hour 04:44 regularly then this is a sign, a personal message that the universe wants to communicate with you.

To understand what it wants to tell you, you will first need to interpret the hour in question. To do this you can use numerology or the guardian angels. If it appears repeatedly then the triple mirror hour holds an important message for you at this moment in time. It indicates that you have no need to worry, everything will be just fine.

Everything you have done will be met with success. The hour’s repetition shows that you are surrounded by guardian angels who love and support you. This help and love will guide you throughout your life but you’ll have to keep on reading to find out more.

Significance of 04:44 with the Guardian Angels

Before getting to the heart of the matter you should first of all know that the guardian angel Hariel is the angel of deliverance and belief. He is using the triple mirror hour 04:44 to tell you that he will bring you faith and deliver you from evil while at the same time helping to free you of your bad habits.

The guardian angel Hariel wants you to know that he will bring you ambition in your professional life. He will give you the opportunity to discover new ways of doing things and to find new things to help you. Thanks to his divine light you will be able to shine brightly in the fields of science and art.

When in connection with the triple hour 04:44, Hariel is a bringer of innocence, purification, and purity. He will help you to remove any masks which may be betraying your innocence and will help you to purify your conscience at the same time. He will clear your mind of anything which is stopping you from seeing or feeling even the most subtle energies in the realm of thought. With him you will have the ability to find harmony through forgiveness.

If you are dependent on drugs, tobacco, medicine, or alcohol, etc., then he wants you to know through the triple hour 04:44 that he can deliver you from all these bad habits which are stopping you from seeing reality as it is. He will also free you of any form of paralysis which is stopping you from jumping into action.

Your guardian angel is your patron and protector and is also indicating that he will give you spiritual feelings to allow you to gain a better understanding of the difference between individuality and personality. He will bring your mind clairvoyance which will bring new energy to your powers of discernment. He will help you to be a better person and is using the triple mirror hour 04:44 to clarify this point.

What does 04:44 mean in Numerology?

The triple mirror hour 04:44 is related to the angel number 48 which holds its own messages for you to discover. You should first of all be aware that the vibrations of the numerology behind this number are positive ones, but they can also cause unrest if your mind and/or environment are insufficiently balanced so you will need to remain very determined if you want to overcome this.

The number 48 tells you that you are going to find happiness in love and will be successful in your relationships with others. Do not be afraid because your guardian angel is guiding you through your thoughts, words, feelings, and visions. What’s more even at this moment he is beside you and showing you signs that will lead you towards fulfillment, success, and happiness.

Although it is true that your success will not come straightaway, in numerology the number 48 indicates that you will reach your objectives through time and force of will. At the same time do not make the mistake of taking the easy way out by using trickery, as this will lead you nowhere. Be honest and fair in everything you do and you will soon benefit from the fruits of your labors.

Within the triple mirror hour 04:44 the numerology of the number 48 is also asking you to keep your balance. You are able to be successful in every aspect of your life but you will have to make the effort. Try to be more accommodating and more cautious and also show flexibility as often as possible. These conditions will need to be met if you want to be successful in the goals that you have set for yourself in your life.

The angel number 48 asks you to look beyond any illusions and to try to make out the perfection of the divine within yourself, others, and your current situation. When you manage to find divine perfection in your spirit you will see it manifest itself outwardly in your career, your relationships with others, your health, and in all other areas of your life.

Any comment on the 04:44 mirror hour?

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  1. Thanks Hariel. Man, coincidentally I am QUITTING smoking hash and tobacco. A lifetime of smoking has damaged my lungs so must quit. No choice. Very meaningful. 3rd day.

  2. Angel number 04:44 triple hour thank you for your guidance lm gonna make it in life because of your help and your protection in my life thank you angels of god almighty

  3. Guardian Angel Hariel, the Angel of deliverance and faith, I thank you for the good news. I am grateful and happily embrace the blessings and gifts bestowed upon me🙏🙏🙏.

  4. Thanks you God for sending angel heriel to me this morning I have being thinking otherwise since yesterday till night not until I saw a good will message from god through ang we l heriel I was so delight when I asked this morning and seing 04:44 on my clock

  5. Thank you God,Thank you Jesus for the covering and sending my guardian angel Hariel to protect me.I woke up this morning,looked at my phone and the time was 04:44 once again.I feel good about this and im certain im protected at all times,I feel so motivated right now because things have not been going good in my life,so now i have confirmation and affirmation that mucher bigger and better things are still yet to come.Thank you Jesus!!!

  6. I was feeling a loss of self. My health is not great and I was feeling I have no purpose. Then, I woke this morning and I could hear music coming from another room. It was the song my sister had for her Memorial when she passed 2 1/2 years ago. I looked at the time and it was 04:44am. My sister sent me a sign. I’ve been asking for someone to help me find myself again and feel like my old self. My Mother passed away 5 months before my sister. I’ve been feeling so lost since then. Now I feel as though my Sister is with me, and I’m sure my Mother is too. Thank you.

  7. Thank you Hariel. Im grateful for you, grateful for the moon and the stars, greatful for the whole wide universe. I don’t always believe in myself the way you do and I wanted to ask you : will you give me the strength to hold on? Then I will be your reason to live. Inside, of our hearts and everyone whom may need it. Amen. ✨

  8. God bless you angel Hariel…
    Please help me overcome my addictions, so I can continue my mission and be the person that I am meant to be.
    I love you x

  9. Thank You for showing up Angel Hariel. I was just busy falling into the darkest dark when 04:40 demanded my attention. Then 04:44 even louder. I haven’t looked at the time in days. This was urgent. The demons have left my house and the feeling that I’m not alone became comforting. My drugs are still bugging me though. I’m tired but have to put in a few days of work straight to make my deadline. That’s why I was going to have a wake up quick. Coffee gives me heartburn and I already have heartburn cause I’m stressed. I will find that perfection in my spirit for myself and the Collective and Manifest the greater good and meet my targets. As for Alan… he cannot tell me without hesitation right this moment that he wants me In his life insinuating that the next moment it might change. I know it won’t by now. And I know he doesn’t want to let me go either. Well I’m sorry my love but after all this waiting you’re not being fair. I cut this cord from this half-life you’re okay to watch me live. If you wanted me in your life… I would know it and so would you.
    Thank you Angel Hariel for giving me the determination to face this day and my deadline and my addiction and my life.

  10. Help me with this tie I have with this person that has been ruining my life and peace of mind for the last two years. Either he’s in or either he’s out but I can no longer suffer like this. If he’s not for me then help me stop thinking about him. Thank you and God bless you

  11. Thank you Guardian Angel Hariel, bringer of innocence, purity, opportunity, deliverance, and protection from evil, for reaching out to me and letting me know that I need to constantly have faith in myself and that I need not fear, that I will gain clairvoyance, fulfillment and attain success in due time by my strength of will. Thank you for letting me know that with determination, honesty, and fairness, I will conquer my “analysis-paralysis” and will reap the benefits of my labours and have no need to worry as I have your divine guidance and blessings that everything in my life will be fine. Amen

  12. Now this is auspicious! I was searching the meaning of the numbers on my fax report. It said 04’44 in the result column. I found nothing regarding to fax reports but instead found this Mirrorhour. This is fantastic! Have a blessed day everyone.

  13. Thank you. I looked at the time – 04:44.
    Then I came across your site and read it with joy.
    Thank you Angels, guardian Angel, messengers, Jesus Christ and God for all you do for us 🙏🙏🙏

  14. Thank you Angel Hariel for the guidance and love. Help MD become a better me and attain my goals.

  15. I am heavenly astonished & feeling blessed & guided…Thank you for the teachings filled with infinite wisdom…💞

  16. I use your site at least 3 times a day with mirrored numerology that is shown to me either by getting a feeling to look at the time on my mobile or by using my remote for the tv I will see the either mirrored or triple numbers and absolutely love reading the meanings for the messages the angels are giving me and it is always so accurate with what the meanings are . Thank you so much and I’m very grateful for the information . 🤗

  17. Thank you my angel , now i know that God never leave me nor forsaken me indeed my angel is bringing good news🙏🙌💓may the name of almighty God be glory thank . My testimony Will gloryfy God

  18. Everything about this message I can relate too. Since my sister passed away two years ago numbers have not stopped appearing on my phone clock. With this number, it’s me knowing I’ve reached that point in my life where, I need to get off drugs as I’m coming to except, that I can’t continue to poison myself to block what I know is not anymore.

  19. I saw these numbers 04:44
    And started reading the details
    I was so amazed by the answers
    That I received
    I was heavenly surprised
    Because it just so true
    Amazing true and words so true it resonates with me I would just like to thank you bless you and love light from me and everyone that
    You have assistance many of us
    Thank you
    Also my the angels everywhere
    I love you and I thank you for communicating with me and look forward to many more

  20. Thank you for letting me see this 444 I do need to stop drinking and longing to find love. I am manifesting to buy my house to leave behind for my children and grand children

  21. Oh man, that makes me so happy and even stronger to believe that everything will be good in all parts of my life!
    Talked to someone, who I love unconditionally and is very important to me, yesterday and although he lives with someone else, which was a little shock for me, he said: “I think of you at least once a day!” So do I by the way 🙂

  22. Very accurate in my journey that I’m on right now. I’m always searching for truth and this article gave me depth beyond reasonable doubt. Thank you!

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