If you have been seeing the triple mirror hour 14:44 regularly you should find out what it means because it carries a message of life importance. Indeed, it has been appearing to you repeatedly just so that you would become aware of it. To make it more convenient for you to figure out what this hour means, we will provide you with an interpretation of the guardian angels and an analysis of numerology.

Mirror hours affect every one of our lives and we all have the experience of noticing them at least once. These special hours are often viewed as signs with a specific meaning depending on their sequence of numbers. Most of the time we come across these hours by accident, but what exactly do they mean and how can we find out?

We often come across mirror hours on our watch during periods of reflection, or indeed, without any apparent reason at all. They have many symbolic meanings and it is up to us to find the interpretation which matches our current situation. Every hour is connected to its own message and their symbolism and meaning both have the potential to change.

Significance of 14:44 with the Guardian Angels

Did you know that the angel Seheiah is the angel of longevity? By using the mirror hour 14:44 he is telling you that he will give you a long and happy life which is both healthy and peaceful and which he will fill with harmony. He is also telling you that he will protect you from fires and any kind of disaster such as lightning strikes, collapse, accidents, and illness. His protection will be a divine guarantee.

With his clairvoyance he will afford you with a high level of vigilance and an ability to predict events before they occur. He will also bring you his protection and his instinct. What's more, this guardian angel who is your patron and protector will bring you wisdom to all of your life experiences.

Through the triple mirror hour 14:44 the angel Seheiah is also telling you that he has the power to give you a miraculous recovery, a complete restoration, and an iron constitution. If you suffer from sciatica, bone pain, troubles with your digestion, or if you are often tired, etc., this angel will provide relief. He will also give you great tranquility of mind and a large amount of inner calm.

Seheiah also wants to remind you that he will protect you from carelessness, lack of foresight, anxiety, and deep fear. He will also be with you to protect you from collapse, calamity, ruin, disorder, trouble, and sickness. You should know that he only wants you to be happy and for you to reach your potential each day.

The guardian angel Seheiah will also help you if you have a tendency to be alarmed or concerned by the behavior of others. He will get rid of any anxious energy from your life as well as any volatile or compulsive behavior. He also wants to point out that he will protect you from dangerous, pointless, and mindless acts as well as from anything stopping you from taking action be it internal or external.

What does 14:44Β mean in Numerology?

When combined with the triple mirror hour 14:44 the angel number 58 suggests that there may be some adversity which will hinder the smooth progression of your professional life or damage your personal health. However with your energy you will be able to improve your situation rapidly and learn how to experience happiness in your day to day life.

In numerology the number 58 asks you to resolve your inner conflicts if you do not wish to face periods of anxiety, depression, or feelings of being stuck, etc. This number also points to a certain amount of injustice, adversity, and/or austerity. In order to make it through the dark times you should take up your weapons of serenity and patience and try to go with the flow. If you encounter problems you should take a step back and try to look at things from a different perspective so as to take on life with more tranquility and confidence.

The number 58 is a harmonious number. It relates to love within the home and the family. It also symbolizes perfection, radiance, necessity, responsibility, idealization, and impatience. It also brings with it benevolence and generosity. This number is also saying that you live your life in a just and righteous way and that you know how to be a diplomat when you need to. Thanks to all these qualities you would find it easy to go into art, social work, or community service.

Even if your personal satisfaction derives from material or financial wealth, the number 58 asks you to be vigilant so as not to become obsessive. You should be careful not to be consumed by money. You will be able to make use of your talents and skills if you are at ease in what you do. You may find it easy to start a career in real-estate, financial management, trade, or business.

In angelic numerology the number 58 suggests that you have great skills, a huge amount of both internal and external wealth, and that you are destined for leadership. However this does not mean that you should seek to dominate others. All this is possible thanks to your exceptional gifts. It is also noteworthy that this is a number related to finance, power, ambition, discipline, and sexuality.

Any comment on the 14:44 mirror hour?

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  3. Spiritual/ physic medium i am!!

    All these signs and gifts i have been able go see its all so amazing

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