The triple mirror hour 22:24 is sure to have a meaning, and if you have been seeing it regularly as of late then this is no mere coincidence. This hour is a sign, and there are messages behind it which you would do well to look out for.

To find out what these messages are, everything will become clear if you use an interpretation of the guardian angels and an analysis of numerology. Our subconscious communicates with our conscious mind to allow us to receive the messages sent to us by the universe. They may come from our guardian angel, from a spiritual guide, or from an entity. Among these signs...

…there are triple mirror hours like 22:24. These relate to the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung's concept of synchronicity. Two events with no connection between them come together to form a logical “whole” which has a meaning for the person who notices it.

Significance of 22:24 with the Guardian Angels

The guardian angel Habuhiah is the angel that gathers both masculine and feminine energies together in order that couples may unite in harmony and be fruitful. He is able to help you create a work of perfection. Everything that you do will be met with success and you will not have to wait long before reaping the benefits but you will not receive the fruits of your labors unless you put the effort in. His light encourages you to get to work, and it is hard work which will guide you towards success.

Through the triple mirror hour 22:24 the guardian angel is telling you that he is able to put you back on your feet if you are currently suffering from an illness. He will protect your health and the health of those close to you. He will also be a valuable source of support if you work in the field of medicine. He will support you in saving, treating, and helping others. He reminds you that you are the kind of person who is sensitive to the misfortunes of their peers.

Thanks to his extreme power, Habuhiah is telling you that he will bring you fertility if you currently desire to have a child. With his help and support you will produce beautiful children who will be able to honor your lineage. But he also brings fertility to the Earth, to the trees, and to business. He fertilizes the Earth so that you no longer experience hunger or deprivation. With him everything you do will be lucrative, productive, and fertile.

Habuhiah is also telling you through the triple mirror hour 22:24 that he will bring you closer to nature. Because of his influence you enjoy life in the countryside and in wide open spaces. Thanks to him you find it easy to find communion with nature. If you come into contact with nature during your work you have nothing to worry about because Habuhiah will make sure that your harvests are abundant.

Furthermore the angel Habuhiah will help you develop your empathy, your kindness, your sensitivity, and your selflessness towards those close to you. With this angel at your side you will know how to listen to others, especially children. You should also remember that he will bring you bravery to allow you to confront danger and to face your fears.

What does 22:24 mean in Numerology?

When connected to the triple mirror hour 22:24, the numerology of the number 46 brings good vibrations in the realm of business. However this is not a favorable number on the emotional level. To fix this and most of all to avoid separation and deception, you should refrain from making the same mistakes over again, from behaving inappropriately, from being swept up by dreams and illusions, and from getting caught up in bad choice of partners.

This angel number tells you that you are soon going to make a positive step forwards which will allow you to better express your personality, determine your true needs, and have more independence and courage. Furthermore, you have a respect for the law and for the established order. This makes you a good worker. Also keep in mind that the fruits of your efforts are sure to be as good as expected.

In numerology the number 46 asks that you be aware of your emotions as you are a sensitive and generous person. To stop this from doing a number on you, you can take note of the signs and habits in your day-to-day life. Your development is dependent on your emotions and you are a bit difficult to understand. Even if you are a bit timid and reserved, you are still a sociable and friendly person to get on with.

Through the triple mirror hour 22:24 this number indicates that you should not allow yourself to be swept up in nostalgia. You should awaken your strength and your winning personality. You may be able to look into the power of stones or healing crystals to give yourself more physical and moral strength. Always take care of yourself to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of energy.

In numerology the number 46 reminds you that you are blessed. You have your guardian angel by your side to help and support you in everything you do. Whether it be on the emotional level, the professional level, in your health, or in your social interactions, you will be supported. Never forget this.

Any comment on the 22:24 mirror hour?

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  1. Thank you Habuhiah for letting me know how supported I am.
    The meaning of the triple hour 22:24 has made me feel more positive & once again truly protected
    Thank you Thank you Thank you
    Love Katexxx

  2. Angel Habuhiah I Thank You and I Love You So Much And Lastly I Receive Let It Be Unto Me In The Mighty Name Of JESUS CHRIST, Amen🙏.

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