Here you will find the meaning of 15:55! There’s no denying that numbers are a universal language. The universe uses them to communicate with us so when you see a mirror hour yourself above all do not make the mistake of ignoring it. Each one has a significance, a message behind it that is meant only for you.

It could be that your guardian angel is trying to get in contact with you, that someone is currently thinking of you, that your subconscious is sending you a message, that these are answers to questions you have been thinking about, or that an entity wants to communicate.

If you have been seeing the triple mirror hour 15:55 regularly, do not wait too long before finding out what it means. To find out what is hidden behind this hour you can use an interpretation of the guardian angels or an analysis using numerology.

Significance of 15:55 with the Guardian Angels

The guardian angel Mihael represents premonition and love. By showing you the triple mirror hour 15:55 on a regular basis he is telling you that he will give you the gift of perception. With this you will constantly feel as though you are having premonitions. He will also spread within you the gift of clairvoyance which is what will improve your skills of perception, but beyond this he will also give you a great amount of both inner and outer peace.

Mihael is telling you that he will bring love and fidelity into your romantic life. Thanks to him peace, harmony, and calm will reign in the life you share with your partner. In case you are facing problems such as quarrels, fights, feelings of possessiveness, dependence, jealousy, or infidelity, this guardian angel who is your patron and protector will bring you unity. With Mihael’s power it will be easy for your relationship to reach its destiny.

He also wants you to know that he will make your sexual activities fertile and divine. You will need this if you are currently trying to have a child. With him you will be protected from infertility and problems conceiving a child. He will help you to create a being with a wonderful soul. Do not forget that he is the guardian angel of fertility and fruitfulness and that he watches over both development and the reproduction itself.

Through the triple mirror hour 15:55 the guardian angel Mihael is telling you that he will help you find your way especially when your own inner light is insufficient. He will help you to reconnect with this light and bring you peace and love while also showing you the right path to take. He will also support you in the pursuit of balance in your life.

You should also know that the angel Mihael will help you if you are currently living your life in darkness. He will also come to the aid of wayward souls as well as those who are stuck between worlds. He will be with you to help you find light in the place where you are truly meant to be. He will protect you from all kinds of fear and will fill your life with confidence once again. He is also reassuring you that he will always be beside you to give you guidance and to point you in the right direction. You no longer have to worry about anything at all.

What does 15:55 mean in Numerology?

When linked with the triple mirror hour 15:55 the numerology of the number 70 is letting you know that you have a high level of intuition when it comes to both situations and people. It will also provide you with a strong ability to conduct research and analysis. This number will be very helpful in collaborations and alliances. It is also the mark of final achievements. It will help you to broaden your horizons and heighten your awareness.

If you are in a relationship, the angel number 70 suggests you will have a happy romantic life. It brings better communication between people in love. It embodies both love and positivity. It wants you to live a life filled with happiness and joy beside the person who makes your heart beat faster.

The number 70 points towards money, work, creativity, innovation, judicial proceedings, and intellect. You are of an emotional and devoted nature and you always have the desire to pass on and share your knowledge and experiences with others. This makes you an extraordinary individual. You dream of a better world but you aren’t just a dreamer, you are also the perfect partner in all areas of life.

In angelic numerology the number 70 also tells you that once you have reached the end of your path you know how to get what you want, learn new things, and provide for others. You are an idealist and an optimist but you also have a high interest in humanity, in both its flaws and its strengths. Your optimism opens your mind to the world and to others while also increasing your awareness and your intelligence. Many people admire you for this.

Through the triple mirror hour 15:55 the number 70 also shows that you have a strong tendency to delude yourself, and sometimes it is up to the people around you to intervene and bring you back down to Earth before you end up flying too close to the sun. But you mustn’t worry because your guardian angel who is your patron and protector will always be with you to bring you his support. This will be extremely valuable.

Any comment on the 15:55 mirror hour?

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  1. Feeling the blessings and abundance flowing into my life continuously with ease
    Thank you Thank you thank you

  2. I’ve been seeing all kinds of mirror reversed and tripple numbers since 1,5 years now but i never truly dared they could really mean something or even be meant as a message for Me. I finally found this beautiful website and finally can translate the supporting messages that have been trying to reach me. It made me cry to read this one and it really got into my heart, I felt seen loved and supported in exactly the fields where I really need support right now.
    I thank now
    with all my heart
    all the beautiful souls that were so strong and courageous to follow their path and created this website!
    Thanks to your efforts I now can find peace and support

    Thank you!


  3. So happy right now!!! 🥰
    As it happens, I felt a little unhappy today …
    Thanks a lot for such a great message 😘

  4. Angel Mihael please give me the gift of perception and clairvoyance. On the other hand, please give me your divine great amount of inner and outer peace in the name of JESUS CHRIST, amen.

  5. April 2020 with this virus going on it will keep my relationship strong and good health. Thank you 🙏🏽💜

  6. I’ve asked the lord for so many things, few was like of clairvoyant, conceiving,peace and happiness.. My husband and I have a good relationship no doubt about that thank God but we would love to have children. When I read this it all fell in place and I just want to give praise and glory to my God 🙏 Lord I pray for supernatural and blessings and babies on the way in Jesus powerful name 🙏

  7. Wow, so this is not the first time seeing this mirror hour, and also not the first time reading about this mirror hour on this page. BUT it’s the first time I read one sentence: “ that someone is currently thinking of you.” And right before seeing this mirror hour I had a feeling someone was thinking about me today and also yesterday. I am sure the angels have something great coming for me. Thank you.

  8. Loving the meaning reading of this number 🙏🏼 I’ve been seeing it a lot lately 💜 certainly on point with me at this moment in time 💜

  9. Thank you so much Angeles for this message. I am really fortune to get this messages from you all. Thank you for care and standing beside me. Thank you for remembering me. Love you so much.

  10. Thank you for your interpretation, very interesting and encouraging.
    Very happy to have read that.x

  11. I’m feeling so blessed to read this beautiful message.

    Thank you my angels and the universe 🙏🙏🙏

  12. Thank you so much for this website.
    I use it with a pendulum to get right to the parts that concerns me and it is very, very useful. Thank you.

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