23:32 Meaning

Have you come across the reversed mirror hour 23:32 multiple times when looking at your phone, your watch, or your computer? Your guardian angel is trying to get in contact and there is a message he wants to send you. To find out the meaning behind this reversed hour you should try to pick up on the signs that your angel is sending you so keep your eyes open.

We come across mirror hours either during periods of reflection or by accident. If you see reversed mirror hours regularly over a day or a week then you are among the people called upon by the guardian angels to receive a message that they want to send you.

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Reversed mirror hours each have their own significance based upon angelic numerology, a field which draws its strength from the power of numbers. Be aware that this hour is a sign of malice, malevolence, and manipulation.

Because of this you should always be on your guard, be careful, and make sure to constantly ask yourself who could be doing you good or bringing you harm. You should think hard about this because only you can know for sure.

Significance of 23:32 with the Guardian Angels

The guardian angel Haiaiel is trying to send you a message by showing you the reversed mirror hour 23:32 on a regular basis. You should first of all be aware that this angel represents the weapons of the divine. Under his protection you will be able to develop a strong energy and improve your sense of leadership.

Through the reversed hour 23:32 Haiaiel is trying to tell you that he is beside you to defend you and bring you his divine protection. This protection will be necessary as it allows you to make decisions which are good and just. He is also letting you know that he will help you develop your strategic mind, your protective spirit, and your receptive intelligence. He therefore gives you the opportunity to channel new ideas and thoughts which will change the world.

Haiaiel also wants to let you know that he is guiding you towards success and will bring courage, boldness, and bravery to your heart and mind. Through the reversed mirror hour 23:32 he gives you the strength of will you need to become a warrior of light. Under his guardianship you will be receptive to inspiration from the divine.

What's more, this guardian angel is telling you that you are now capable of freeing all people who feel oppressed or trapped. He brings you great powers of judgment and a critical mind. From now on you will no longer find it difficult to differentiate good from evil or truth from lies.

Your guardian angel, protector and patron, also tells you that with him you will no longer feel depressed or stressed and will start to feel just like your old self again. He wants to make it clear that he will give you a more positive and optimistic mind and give you the courage you need to face all life’s little ups and downs. He is watching over you with his sword and shield to bring you victory in all of your battles.

What does 23:32 mean in Numerology?

In numerology 55 is a strong number. It predicts struggle, aggression, and stress but it is also a bearer of change whether this be internally or externally. It also makes your life more dynamic and allows you to live life with more passion. The number 55 symbolizes experience, adventure, idealism, curiosity, challenge, and change.

When the number 55 is in connection with the reversed mirror hour 23:32, this is a sign that you should let the past go as it is of no use to you anymore. You should prepare yourself for changes in your life. To do this, you should set aside your doubts, your worries, and your fears because these will get in the way of you finding the right path, the one that you are truly meant to take.

The angel number 55 also indicates that you should always have a positive attitude, no matter what changes may occur in your life. It is also telling you that you should keep an open mind. This is important as it will allow you to become more open to all the new opportunities which will present themselves to you.

In light of the changes that you are about to face you should be patient and confident because even if everything seems confusing at this moment, you will find that everything becomes clear in time. Also keep in mind that there are good reasons that these changes are happening and that nothing happens by accident.

To accomplish your goals and be met with success, the bearer of the number 55 with its strong link to the reversed mirror hour 23:32 should return to the path of balance while at the same time learning to distinguish actions from judgment. They should be wise and tactful. But be careful! You should also pay attention to excessive actions or attitudes which could lead to devastation or self-destruction.

Any comment on the 23:32 mirror hour?

56 responses to “23:32”

  1. Thank you Haiaiel, I am so grateful for your protection please be with me always.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you x

  2. Dear haiaiel many thanks for being beside me and helping me see and fufil my deep desires, to recognise my spiritual gifts the most high has bestowed on for the betterment of humanity I deeply happy and grateful for the enlightenment all praises glory and honour belongs to the awesome one who formed us! Thank you x

  3. Reading these reply’s it’s excellent we are all great full and working together thanks angels for your love and help.

  4. Angel Haiaiel please help me to bring back successfully financial prosperity and good healthy. Help me to bring good energy and divine connection between now and forevermore. AMEN AND AMEN

  5. Dear Angel Haiaiel,
    Kindly help my husband to be dismissed from his sandiganbayan case please please. Thank you.
    Kindly guide our children to live work in portugal. Thank you.

  6. My spirit was troubled after I had an encounter h a colleague. When I got off the phone with a senior colleague trying to talk things over, I checked the time and it was 23:32. I knew it was a clear message from the angels. Thanks Angel Haiaiel for the reassurance and clarity provided. Help me to always be in control of my emotions and to be objective at all times.

  7. Dear haiaiel
    Thank you so much for protect me i appreciate it a lot … I accept the message with all the love and so grateful to know that I am protected by you

  8. Dear Haiaiael
    Please protect me from everything that attacks my social, financial and love life.

  9. Thank you angel for your protection with your weapon and let me let go of my past and focus on the present and the future

  10. Dear Angel Haiaiel,
    Please give me the opportunity to channel new ideas and thoughts which will change the world.. thank you for i know you will shower me and my family infinite abundance & prosperity. Please guard and protect our whole family. Bless and grant my children canadian student visa. Surround our family good and helpful people. Help erwin from attacks or doj and ombudsman. Thank you

  11. I thank God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
    Thank you from the world of angels
    Thank you for the divine intuition.
    My prayer is for all human beings, wherever you are in the world, to have a clear path for you and to be in the protection of God.

  12. I thank God
    God shows the divine light and the divine way to all human beings at any time and place. Amen
    Thank you for the content full of light and energy, your friends.

  13. I had a very disturbing dream last night and I was on a reflection about what it could be telling me. Then I went through a short mediation. When I finished and looked at the time, it was 23:32…
    The day is 29 Jan 2022….
    After reading the meaning of the mirror hour, It came to me that it is helping me interprete the dream…
    Thank you so much for the post about this reversed hour, and for creating this site. You might never know, but you have helped me a lot.

    My gratitude also to the Guardian Angel Haiaiel and all the other Angels around me for the blessings I see and cannot see.

  14. Lord God Almighty, I thnk you for Angel Haiaiel and the blessings he has brought my way. I receive the numerous blessings with profound gratitude.

  15. Lost what I thought mighta been my soulmate today. Pretty gutted about it. How can devine protection replace what gave me the motivation to try and live again?
    I am greatfull for it, although I really wanted and willed for the life that would bring happiness.

  16. Woohoo 😋😍, I was Soo happy for
    Seeing the mirror number 2332 at this evening at my phone time ,, thanks God an love u Am welcome to happiness 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  17. Iam feeling like being by The Time which actually does not exist! That’s a magic of the magic!! Thank You!!!❤️

  18. Thank you My guardian angel Haiaiel 🙏🏼❤️ And i thank all other guardian angels to🙏🏼❤️

  19. This is very relevant to how I have felt for the last few days and I accept the message that has been sent to me.

  20. 23.Ive seen 23 since I was an early teen.
    The number at first didn’t seem to make sense but back when I was 14 I seen it so much

    Then my cousin died at the age of 23.After she died I stopped seeing it for a while.The next year I started seeing it again,the number 23 seemed to be everywhere.
    Next thing that happened,my uncle died on July 23rd.The number went away once more.It came back the next year towards the end,constant and everywhere
    At this point I told close ones about it and they seemed it believe me.My uncle died towards the end of the year.
    His rosary was on Jan 2nd and his funeral was on the 3rd.
    But after his death I still seen it constantly
    At that point I knew that number meant death was around.
    Finally on my birthday one of my favorite aunts died.I went to the hospital to visit her and she died in room 203.
    The number has followed me until then.Now I see it more than often and I feel so close to death.I wonder why I was shown that number my whole life.

  21. I’ve noticed that these hours whether you see them just once or many times, are brought to our attention precisely when they’re needed. I’m in the U.S. so we don’t use a 24 hour clock. Yet when there’s a message I need to pay heed to, I’ll see it on a receipt or as in this case, I paused my video at exactly 23:32. This happened yesterday as well. The message was spot on and I saw it when I needed to. With everything that’s been happening with the Coronavirus pandemic I’ve been feeling very isolated and depressed. I’ve let myself get sucked into the fear and my awakening has suffered because of it, so seeing that number when I did gave me the push I needed. I know that most of the world is experiencing some form of isolation based on necessity until this passes, but we don’t have to go it alone. Especially since we have the tools to be with others we love on social media. I think the message is pretty straightforward. Stay positive and reach out to others who may not have the ability to reach out themselves. Stay tuned in and know this too shall pass. Love and light. 🙏❤️

  22. I’ve been going through a series of past mistakes, hunting me, for the last few days my feelings and emotions as well as thoughts have differ. I’m grateful I came across these wonderful figures 23:32🙏🏾

  23. Accurate, I saw this first time today after a friend pulling a 360 on me after 5 years of friendship and behaving like a lunatic and vindictively, Whilst clearly expecting me to lay down and take her shit!

  24. Thank you!
    I really need this protection and justice to my situation.
    Its amazing!!! I just finish a manifestation practice and the Key Number is 55. I can believe it.
    That means an confirnation of my wish come true!!1
    Wooow i am so happy God, Jesús, Michael and my guardian Angel thank you.
    I love you, Amén!

    • Appreciative of change both internally and externally… I picked up a black and white feather indicating change and this just validated it.

  25. I saw 23.23 then 23.32 this evening more or less straight after a series of unpleasant txt msg’s from a male who had refused to accept that the relationship that was, was no more…
    This meaning makes absolure sense based on the attitude from him this eve and many previous evenings when I have refused his presence in my life….
    I feel happy to know that I am free of the friction & drama he tried to bring into my life and that I have made the right choice for me to welcome changes.
    Thank you.


  26. This is very interesting I’ve been soul searching and come to think what god are people really serving be mindful for deception and depict the outcome for yourself the truth will set you free! Meditation brings answers and stay saying positive affirmations

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