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Mirror hours, also known as twin hours each have their own significance and meaning. If you come across these hours often, someone has a message that they're trying to send you. This is a phenomenon known as a synchronicity with the angelic world; a message that you will need to interpret before you are able to fully understand it. It is our subconscious which has the ability to really capture the message behind a synchronicity.

We can use several different tools to find out what these mirror hours are hiding, tools such as the guardian angels and the path of numerology. If you come across the reversed mirror hour 20:02 on your watch dial on a regular basis, there are one or multiple reasons that this may have occurred. You should prick up your ears as your guardian angel is definitely trying to communicate with you. This may be to bring you answers to your questions, to tell you that he is with you, to show you which path to take, or something else entirely.

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Keep an open mind when unraveling the message behind this reversed mirror hour, but above all be aware that this is the hour of discipline, ambition, creation, and pragmatism. To achieve happiness, you should reconsider your priorities and once again find your faith, hope, and confidence.

Significance of 20:02Β with the Guardian Angels

It is through the reversed mirror hour 20:02 that the guardian angel Umabel, angel of detachment, is attempting to tell you something important. Angel of friendship and affinity, he is letting you know that he is there to help you delve deep into your conscious and subconscious minds to find out your true motivations. He is also telling you that he will develop your spirit by giving you the opportunity to venture beyond what you do know towards what you do not.

The guardian angel Umabel is also trying to tell you that he will offer you great skills in technology, and allow you to better understand the resemblance between the earthly realm and the universe, as well as all the other planes of existence. He will help you in your study and understanding of the resonance of the universe. He will also be of valuable support if you work in the fields of astrology, physics, or astronomy.

Umabel also signals that you are going to have an improved social life. He offers you his light which will allow you to strengthen your ties with those around you. Because of this you will no longer have trouble connecting with others or making friends and he will improve your fraternal relationship(s) as well. This guardian angel, patron and protector, will shine his light on your relationships with those close to you. He will relieve you of any worries you have of loneliness so that you no longer have to live your life in isolation.

Do not be afraid, as the guardian angel Umabel will protect you from egotism and nonconformity. He will put you on the right path if you have the tendency to seek out notoriety and appreciation. Under his protection, you will no longer act against the natural order.

Through this reversed mirror hour the guardian angel Umabel is also helping you to understand that you no longer need to dwell on the past and that you should forget anything connected with that. He wants you to move on with your life, but this will not be possible while you are still clinging on to the past.

What does 20:02 mean in Numerology?

The angel number 22 symbolizes genius, great ambitions, big accomplishments, and a forward-thinking mind, but it also warns of depression, self-destruction, and stress. It is a very powerful number and when connected to the reversed mirror hour 20:02 it can hold many messages for you to uncover.

The numerology behind the number 22 signifies that you are a stable person that other people can rely on. You are able to give good advice while also providing emotional support. You also have a natural ability to fight excess emotions. You are unconventional in your actions as well as your thoughts.

Another message behind this number is that you will find it easy to see the potential and beauty of an idea as well as the practical steps towards making it a reality. However you also understand the limits of ideas and you know the ones which will work and the ones which won’t. This intuitive ability is a precious gift which allows you to evaluate all possible outcomes with ease.

The number 22 also carries the message that it will make sure that even your most ambitious dreams have the capacity to manifest and become a reality. It asks you to look at the bigger picture and to put work into every part of your projects in order to achieve your goals. This number also encourages you to bring about many things on both the material and physical level.

But your guardian angel is also using the angelic numerology of the number 22 to alert you of your tendency to manipulate others. By the power of this number you have the ability to accomplish things for the entire human race, you also have the potential to see far and think big but as always, make sure to set yourself limits to stop yourself from going too far.

Any comment on the 20:02 mirror hour?

57 responses to “20:02”

  1. Thank you Umabel, with your Guidance and help, you see what I am working towards to help the human race, please help me to stay grounded, but work to my Highest, Best and Good self. Please help me with this knowledge to do only good for all our brothers and sisters, and all living creatures, animals, and plant life on our beautiful planet! Thank you πŸ™ ❀️

  2. Guardian Angel Umabel, I acknowledge your presence and humbly embrace the blessings and gifts bestowed upon me. Thank you for guiding and protecting meπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  3. Please My Angel help me,am in a period of stress because of relationship,my partner doesn’t care about me 😭

  4. Please my angel shine your light on my relationship between me and Anathi Jo,I want to marry her I don’t wanna lose her, and please protect amen πŸ™πŸ•―οΈ πŸ“ΏπŸ•―οΈ.

  5. Thank you Angel Umabel, I look forward to our working together and shall pay attention to signs/ communications.

  6. Amrn. This is the Message i had been waiting for. Cam privileged. i have new life.

    Thanks and Praises.


  7. I love you my angel πŸ˜‡β€οΈπŸ™ Thank you for guidance πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜‡

  8. So I am busy studying and then boom 20:02 on the clock again. Umabel has a message, a beautiful message for me. It’s the first time I have cried when reading angel texts because I am always left confused after reading them. Today was different. Thank you for reaching out Umabel ❀️

  9. Thank you πŸ’™πŸ’ŽπŸ™πŸΎ Love, Light, Protection, Strength, Courage, Guidance and Continued Blessings To all receiving this well needed message. Joy x

  10. Dear Angel Umabel , thank you for understanding my biggest ambitions. today I pray to you after seeing the hour 20:02 that you bless and guide me and my child on our journey together in the uk, I pray that you bless my family and continue giving me the knowledge to progress my quotes business to a bigger and broader audience . Leaving my footprint in the sand and making a difference to humanity is my life long dream. I affirm I will get there.

    Thank you God, Thank you Universe


  11. Dear Angel Umabel, thank you for enlightening my life’s path with your wisdom, care and wide perspective. My soul is yearning to manifest great things for mankind and your presence and guidance help me make these projects become physicsl realities.

  12. This morning, while undergoing a tellestic trance, I felt the unmistakable golden light of the mother Gaia smiling over me. At 20:02, I glanced at the clock while lying in bed with the most joyous, permanent smile of a son that is just ecstatic in knowing that his mother sees him and loves him.. there was no mistaking it, and I highly recommend anyone reading this to take some more time out of your life for appreciating that this planet is alive and concious of everyone of us. She deserves to be appreciated and loved back, because nothing can compare to the feeling of her love shining down on you.

  13. Dear Angel Umabel,
    Please continue to guide and bless me. I believe you will make sure that even my most ambitious dreams have the capacity to manifest and become a reality with your help. Bless and guide my family to live in EU. Thank you very much Angel Umabel

  14. Turn off ur pains……switch on ur smile ……..todays moments will become tomorrow’s memories so ,always keep ur vibes positively….think positive……then automatically ur life will become positive…..share ur smile……love yourself……always god will there for u…….chill………

  15. Dear god, I am not sure if my pain is honorable or not but I am tired of irritation, frustration and fears. If I have done any good thing in my life, I beg of you to send someone whom I can hug and cry. If it’s not your will or I don’t deserve special love, please give me a good death. πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ‘°

    • I feel the same, but listen, even if you wont get anything, you always have yourself, love yourself, be there for yourself. World is crazy right now, and new people can or could hurt you even more, maybe thats why we are isolated and waiting for miracle … much love, keep moving forward buddy πŸ€—β€οΈ

    • Dear Vaidehi,
      Don’t be so hard on your self.
      You deserve special love and God will send one but you gotta love yourself first and stop asking for death.

  16. I was just about to use a fabulous experience I HAD ( aka the past) to manipulate and temp someone and thus misusing my Lifepath 22 skills for my own amusement and not for the greater good of mankind.
    I’ve had my fun.

    Thank you Angel Umabel

    for reminding me to keep it real and to know where to draw the limit.
    Please continue to guide me in a very obvious and in my face manner so that my light can merge with all good for the greater good of the collective.
    Thank you for all my trials, lessons learned, understanding gained and map network uncovered and all the good times inbetween. Please keep them raining down on me in Material, Physical and Metaphysical form as well as those planes of existence that lie dormant in my memory.
    Help me get my teammates together and better lives together.

    Much love

  17. Thank you very much Umabel sending love πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ For my God Jesus Christ Budda Angels Archangelis My guardian Angel xxxx

  18. I am so inspired by the messages from the guardian angel Umabel. I get to understand mirror hours now. I didn’t know that they exist. Thank you so much

  19. Guardian Angel Umabel I am grateful for your presence. I am ready to receive the blessings from the Universe. Thank you God in Heaven, I am grateful.

  20. If only Angel umabel is my guardian angel then i believe in him and have the trust in my saviour Jesus that one day my enemies will be ashamed.. Things may be tough from the past, life will be difficult to move my relationship with friends and love ones from afar but with this great number of time 02:46:20 tells it all.. My rewards is in Christ Jesus may the destiny helpers locate me..

  21. I’m seeing the number all the time, and my thoughts are on an ex from the past.
    If I believe it will happen will it, can I make my own path to whatever or whoever I want. ❀

  22. Thankyou this really came at the right time i was actually thinking is this a spiritually day .. excited to achieve to my highest ability but wit love and compassion πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ With faith anything is possible and my number is 22 grattuide to the universe

  23. Angel Umabel knows me for real.
    About big brains and seeing way far into the future, wise quick thinking, calming emotional people down, etc.
    But I ask of him to really assist me in studies, in fact, grant me all he deems necessary to, and his loyal protection.

    Thanks for the new beginning Umabel.
    I need out of this confusion and stress

    πŸ‘πŸ‘Thanks for bringing our angels’ messages

  24. The timing of this message was immediate, thank you Angel Umabel!! πŸ™πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  25. Umabel is My Angel in this exact moment. I need of his Light And of his help to leave My past (Just this morning I met….after 17 years…My ex husband for make null our christian marriage) and to open At new friendship… and come out of My isolation. ..

  26. Hi, again 22 number!
    I was borned 22-11 and my life path number is 9. I got this message 2 months ago and now things are moving slowly but moving. many things are happening. i think universe is moving me. the pain is also fading slowly and i just want to thank you because hope for the future and faith are still here!
    i have wishes and dreams, yes.
    just praying you wont live me alone and be by my side please.
    i love you all. thank you for your love and your light.

  27. I dont know where i am going with all this sorrow and pain… But i trust you!
    Thank you. I love you always.

  28. I’ve been in a karmic trap for awhile now, a relationship from the past and the people tied to that relationship. I’ve found my person, my girl, my twin flame. She was going through a divorce when I found her, from a guy that’s not very nice. He would not go away. Sadly, one of those reasons was because of my own thoughts, and always thinking about the worst case scenario instead of the best case scenario. I’m trying my best to stay positive and think of the best case scenario, and I’m finally seeing some positive things moving in the right direction.

    This was definitely a reminder to stay on the right path and forget about the past. It’s being guided by the Angels, spirit guides, and the beautiful Lord above, but ultimately it’s in my hands and thoughts, my actions and my words. I have to stay strong for my person, because I know she’s worth it. So thank you for the guidance and the reminder to keep the love & the light burning bright. Thank you, and know I love and appreciate all of you!

  29. This interpretation came at the right time for me. I have been dwelling on the past and failed relationships, loneliness & isolation, yet I have projects in mind & ambitions I wish to fulfill.

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