02:20 Meaning

Coming across reversed mirror hours has a real significance and they hold messages within them which you will need to uncover. These hours are like omens — messages sent by the guardian angels and a way for them to provide insight on your life path. It is certainly not down to pure chance that they should appear to us and to prove this we will need to look towards numerology and gain an understanding of the way in which our universe is based upon rules governed by numbers.

These numbers are one of the languages which the universe uses in all of its creation. Our soul has a direct connection to the universe and by the law of attraction it will show you the numbers holding the messages you need to gain information and insight into what you should and should not do.

If you have looked at your watch and come across the reversed hour 02:20 then you should know that your guardian angel is trying to send you a message. 02:20 is the hour of ambition, cooperation, discipline, and ambition. It heralds good news and indicates that luck is on your side. It is therefore important to know how to interpret these signs in order to receive this good news under the right circumstances.

Significance of 02:20 with the Guardian Angels

The angel Cahetel is the angel of blessing and harvest. His message is that he will bring you the bounties of the divine all throughout your life and will raise you up to such heights that you will even be able to understand the work of the creator himself. You can accomplish anything through a divine will. He is also telling you that you will be overwhelmed with gratitude for the universe.

Through the reversed hour 02:20 this guardian angel who has a very protective nature is telling you that he will offer support during the pregnancy and birth of your child, but he is also there to ensure protection for all the other people who are at the birth as well. This will ensure that the birth goes smoothly and is under the best conditions possible.

Your angel is also making sure to inform you that you will succeed in everything you do thanks to the strength and energy that he brings you. He is there to help you progress and he is beside you when you wish to change your lifestyle and your habits. With the great work ethic that this angel gives you, you will have an active life filled with opportunity. This will provide you with a great amount of material resources.

Since the guardian angel Cahetel is a symbol of harvest, he is telling you that he will bring you success in the domain of agriculture. With his help everything you grow will bear fruit that will nourish both your body and soul. He is the guide who will lead you to find harmony between yourself and the laws of the cosmos, and you will definitely reap great benefits because of this.

If a malevolent force has a hold on you or you are under the influence of evil spirits, he will free you by chasing this evil away. He symbolizes the four elements which are essential to existence: water, fire, earth, and air. Through this reversed hour he is telling you that he will instinctively keep you away from anything which opposes the laws of nature.

What does 02:20 mean in Numerology?

The numerological significance of the number 22 is one of the most powerful of all the numbers. The reversed hour 02:20 is a sign of your ability to seize the greatest opportunities which present themselves to you in your life. You will be able to accomplish something truly spectacular. However its power and strength are a double-edged sword and you are warned that you should be careful of falling into darkness, depression, confusion, or self-destruction.

You are very good at politics and business, and one interpretation of this number is that you have a natural affinity to understanding the large institutions of society while having the ability to think and act on an international level as well. You can see the potential and beauty of an idea as well as the practical ways to bring it into fruition. That being said, you also understand that every idea has its limits.

The angel number 22 also indicates that you are a reliable and supportive partner. You give coherent and wise advice as well as emotional support. You have a natural resistance to extreme emotions and you are unaffected by overindulgence in fantasy. False pretenses have no place in your life.

Share your view of the world with others! This is your challenge, and requires a certain amount of flexibility. Behind the number 22 is the message that you are a very good leader who has the ability to do great things for your fellow man. You find it easy to approach others, you have great skills of organization, you think big, and you can accomplish great things.

The number 22 is the most powerful and most creative of numbers. Because of this you are capable of overcoming all the challenges which present themselves to you. You do not allow yourself to be easily defeated by your failures. At the same time, you enjoy success and tend to lose your patience when things get difficult.

Any comment on the 02:20 mirror hour?

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  1. Thank you for this message
    Please help me to keep depression at bay 🙏
    I ask this in love & light for my highest good.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  2. Thank you, and I need you right now and everyday my angel to chase away evil spirits and demons and which craft for me please 🙏💔

  3. I can be in a dream world and lose track of time late night knowing I should go to bed. No matter how deep in thought or how indulged I am in a project, at least 3 times a week this hour taps me on my back.

    Be it because my phone needs charging or is finished or be it because I’ve finally decided to go to bed or whether like this morning I’m about to spend some time organising all my innovation notes and organise my space.

    It’s tough because I am a Lifepath 22 only just still learning but I can feel my power more and more and I guess this is Angel Cahetel’s way of encouraging and guiding me to push forward and fulfil my purpose.

    Angel Cahetel and 71 Glorious Angels, I cannot always see why you bother with me.

    Yes I think big and feel like I can make a difference if my actions match my big thoughts and I want to more then anything but I can only but be eternally grateful for your encouragement and guidance and your wings beneath me.

    Together we will set chained souls free and steer everyone to the light and feed and nourish the collective both mind, body and soul.

    Thank you for adding value to my life and assisting me to add trillions times fold value to all God’s creations.

    I Manifest that my will to change all bad habit will be unbreakable real soon and that I will naturally overcome limitation with ease.

    Thank you for always being there and announcing that you are present. All my love to all the universe. This one, the next one and the omnipresent one.

  4. Dear Angel Cahetel,
    Thank you for your blessings and help me harvest all the abundance and prosperity and good health amd protection in life together with my family, help me win jackpot in lottery. Thank you

  5. All what you said is so true😩 thank you so much…. For more counseling or other things how can I reach you guys?

  6. Amen amen amen I say to you! Gracious and thankful for my Heavenly Father and his spirit with the Latter Day Saints!

  7. Thank you. This has been extremely helpful to me as well. May heavens bless everyone’s search for knowledge. May he bless all messengers who bear the truth humanity needs to grasp.

  8. Grateful to see this especially on this night/morning when I’m feeling purposely depleted.
    Thank you Angel Cahetel for the divine CLAIRVOYANCE. Its3 yes and Amen!

  9. Thank you God for blessing me in this way specially in the field of agriculture. I appreciate and receive all the blessings and thank you for designating your angel Cahetel I look forward to the guidance. Amen

  10. Thank you, Angel Cahetel! I had the vision of the number 02:20 on my phone and I felt a strong guidance. Minutes before I was outside talking alone. Tonight there will be the Bloody Moon. All of it before experiencing them. Isn’t it a coincidence or a divine signal?

  11. I humbly offer 22 Vibrational Thanks to Guardian Angel Cahetel, For THY Heavenly will upon my Life. As a Fellow Servant in the human world, I Innocent Fire Element, Ruler of All Constellations. Requests your eminent amplification of the number 0220 and the four Ruling Elements. May I exhibit in full synchronicity and Oneness according to the Almighty, my soul purpose on Earth….. The Glory Of God Must Come From the East

  12. What a blessing!!!
    I welcome you, Angel Cahetel, in my life to harvest and prosperity to all this powerful information!!!

  13. Dear Universe, Guardian Angel Cahetel and Ascended Masters

    Teach me, I am listening and ready to learn. Thank you author for sharing this.

  14. I am eternally grateful for what I received here. Thank you for your publication and dedication and above all… THANK YOU ANGELS! THANK YOU UNIVERSE!

  15. Thanks in advance for all useful information that you gave us , i see frequently mirror hour and reverse hour but to be honest till now nothing special happened in my life but I heal so much in my life since i learn these hours have specific meaning in our life

  16. Thankyou for allowing me to clarify, and it’s so easy to interperate it’s made it simple and well explained. I’m grateful that we have this access to information! many moons ago the people of the universe would of had many a day alongside anxiety or frustration not being able to answer questions they had. I’m sure if it was in my era knowing the way my brain acts it would have not let up on the not knowing-I’d have gone insane!! as I can imagine in the generations before my own, when Jeeves was around to ask what you didn’t know-before the google days-there was much debate, now I’m lucky enough to instantly have the answers to whatever question I may think of, unlimited information, it’s mind blowing when you sit and think about the internet? It’s a source of energy that the whole world use everyday, without question-yet you cannot see it physically it’s just there-and there are still those who doubt spirituality because it’s not something you can see, but the internet and oxygen and other gases that aren’t visible are believable? Crazy! The whole world should glance upon your wide wisdom and thankyou again for helping me and giving me what I needed to know, bless your souls. Your amazing! Xx

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