14:41 Meaning

Just as a mirror will reflect its own image, a mirror number often refers to a situation in need of reflection and interpretation. It is the providential sign that asks you to reflect upon the way life has unfolded in both the past and the future. Of course, not every mirror hour will necessarily affect your conscious mind, but when they do attract your attention by appearing to you regularly there is space to reflect upon what implication this may have on the way your life is unfolding.

Both mirror hours and reversed mirror hours hide a message, a message sent to us by our patrons and protectors the guardian angels when they are trying to establish contact. If you are seeing the reversed mirror hour 14:41 on a regular basis then you would be mistaken to think that it is mere coincidence – your guardian angel is trying to tell you something. To find out what this is, you should first try to understand the message and then figure out how you can integrate it into your life to continue moving forward in a more serene way.

The reversed mirror hour 14:41 signifies freedom, adventure, exploration, and independence. To understand your guardian angel's message, you should first relax yourself completely. If you are in a state of stress or are feeling anxious due to a worrying situation, your guardian angel asks you to stay positive.

Be aware that any negative emotions will get in the way of your flow of energy and resources. You must free yourself of all problems while focusing on the things which excite you. If you do this you will see the results of your efforts along with newfound determination.

Significance of 14:41 with the Guardian Angels

It is through the reversed mirror hour 14:41 that the guardian angel Sehaliah has sent you a message. First of all you should know that this is the angel of success. He is sending you the message that he wants to help you succeed and also allow you to easily pick up on those people who are vain, arrogant, selfish, or pretentious.

This guardian angel wants to tell you that he is there to bring you motivation while establishing pure intent within your mind. This will happen automatically because you will be able to improve your powers of will and concentration through his presence alone. He wants you to know that he will bring you hope, enthusiasm, and strength.

Your guardian angel Sehaliah is also trying to tell you that he will make you more dynamic and alert, but more than this he will give you the life purpose to rouse those who are in slumber. He possesses the ability to bring out people's awareness.

By using the reversed mirror hour 14:41 Sehaliah is also telling you that he will bring you health and healing. With him, your life force will find balance and your life energy will increase to help you defend yourself against external attacks. Keep in mind that he is the patron of the 4 elements: earth, fire, water, and air.

This guardian angel is also letting you know that he will protect you in case of imbalances or outbursts of the natural elements such as floods, droughts, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. You will be able to count on Sehaliah in every aspect of your life.

What does 14:41 mean in Numerology?

The number 55 is said to be angelic when it is the product of the reversed mirror hour 14:41. It is a number which represents freedom, change, motivation, progress, understanding, sensuality, and bravery. It has a strong energy and leaves a sense of competition and conquest in its wake.

If you have been seeing this reversed hour regularly then the numerology behind this number has a message for you. It is telling you to return to the right path, which is the path of balance, and to learn to distinguish judgment from action. It is also asking you to learn a sense of diplomacy, patience, and wisdom, because if you are able to do this you will be met with great success.

Through the number 55 your guardian angel is also telling you that you should be cautious as this number brings with it quite an aggressive energy. It could be that you have been known to be excessive in your behavior and your actions. You should also be careful not to fall into destructive or self-destructive patterns.

Thanks to the substantial energy provided by this number, you will find it easy to overcome the different obstacles which present themselves to you on your life journey. These obstacles give you a sense of challenge and purpose. Your angel is asking you to leave your fears and worries far behind you to allow you to become more open to change. He also asks that you be faithful to yourself and live your life with more passion and with rational objectives in mind.

The angel number 55 also gives you a positive attitude as well as an open mind which will allow you to seize every opportunity. The message behind this number is that you should learn that everything which happens and everything which will happen has its own reason for doing so. Even if it is difficult for you to understand what is happening in your life right now, have faith, as everything will turn out well in the end.

Any comment on the 14:41 mirror hour?

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  1. My Guardian Angel Sehaliah, I welcome you into my life. Thank you so much for blessing and protecting me🙏🙏🙏💕

  2. Thankyou angel sehaliah.Thank you for your help by appearing as the number indicates.Your help is appreciated.🙏

  3. Thankyou so very much for this message angel,was so stressed and traumatized by the thought that am about to sell my business due to financial instabilities but now I believe there’s a better reason for that,great things about to happen ahead,continue fighting for me🙏🏼lots of love angel sehaliah🫶🏼

  4. Please My Angel blessed me with everything that will make me to be great person in whole world Amen 🙏, and my partner dumped me I need her back in to my life Amen.

  5. Amen my angel please help me I almost breakup with my Girlfriend 😭😭😭 please protect us and our relationship I love Anathi Jo so much she is there for me after car accident.

  6. Thenk you my Angel am in wheelchair but I believe I will overcome this challenge because of you amen 🙏🕯️

  7. Amen 🙏 thank you Lord, people are talking advantage of my good heart please help me to overcome all of them including my parents and my brothers.

  8. Thank you my angel Sehaliah😇❤️🙏🏾am really blessed for having you in my life,am in wheelchair 🦽 and I know know it’s happened for a reason in the end everything will turn out well.

  9. Amen. Been through a tough time. This message brought a lot of ease. The more i delve into numerology, the more i am able to sort my life/ make the best decisions. It gets tricky at times but, i am learning to pick up on the messages around me. Many thanks Angel Sehalia

  10. I am often seeing the number 14:41
    I am very excited about it I am sure something very good will happen soon in my life it will change my fina
    I would say thank you universe and thanks Angel for the message delivery for me ❤️❤️

  11. Thank you angel , thanks for my ancestors and the university. I believe in miracles. I believe that something very good will happens soon .
    Thanks Mirror Hour, for helping out our angel 👼 to delivery the message. I am grateful 👏🌻☀️🙏💜

  12. Eu aceito eu permito eu recebo eu agradeço! Gratidão🙏Gratidão🙏Gratidão🙏

    Anjo Sehaliah! Eu estou aberta e pronta para Receber suas verdadeiras intenções para comigo!

  13. I got this today , July 13 2022, super full moon 🌕 day. When I woke up feeling defeated and frustrated.
    Reading that it means :
    freedom, change, motivation, progress, understanding, sensuality, and bravery washed away all the negativity. I’m ready to move forward, I hold the light for all those who deserve to move ahead too. So help me Christ.

  14. I am open and receiving to you Sehalia! Teach me what I need to know and help me to understand what I already do.

    A little Gift for any readers who come across this. No matter what happens in life be good or bad or extremely outrageous keep a positive energy flow ask yourself and the universe, “How Does It Get Better Than This!?” #HDIGBTT

  15. Thank you gaurd 55.14:41

    I appreciate Thy Guidance and I will heed to it. Open my mind for better understanding and clairvoyance for I will follow thy rules

  16. Hahah I new it!! So a few times a year I see reverse mirror numbers and have started to realise something big is about to happen, not always good but good often comes out of it eventually but I didn’t know they were different to just normal recurring numbers!! But yea this and also 12:21 I see all the time when shits about to hit the fan and I’m about to learn a hard ass lesson big time! Thankyou

  17. I feel blessed with your message from the my Father. Thank you so much for being on board. I am counting on your Promises.

  18. My angels are always guiding me. I’m hurt often due to my soft nature. I can’t reply back to arrogant behavior. Now I’m seldom hurt coz angels are helping me to heal and completely understand the other person and can forgive easily. I’ll remain positive . Everything will be good as God is with me. Amen 🙏

  19. I saw this Angel as as my mind was getting a wave of worry and anxiety about my life and if i made the right decision to move.
    Reading this kind of reversed the worry wave and reminded me of the things that im excited about. Like being in a new enciroment and my music career.

    Thank u so kindly Angels

  20. Thank you indeed, I believe I needed to read this to know I’m in faith and doing the right thing.
    Blessings and light to you.

  21. Blessings,

    Thank you so very much for the insight interpretation off the mirrored hour 14:41.

    I’m feeling blessed.


  22. First time I’ve seen hours Back 2 Back! First it was Mirror hour 14:14 and literally the next time ii take a look at my phone, Reverse hour 14:41 pops up! I’m excited! That just deleted any doubts that ii have about these Numbers! Thanks so much, please continue to spread this information to the ones who need guidance 💯

  23. I keep seeing this number at least 5 times a week. It’s been more than a year now. It’s funny because my Mum was born on April 1st, 1941. She’s alive, so it can’t be her spirit watching over me! Before it was more double digits like 11:11, 12:12, 23:23 etc. (I still see them sometimes).

  24. Yesterday for the first time i called upon 4 elements, to teach a lesson to a person that sends me evil. Wow.

  25. Thank you very much sending big love for you,you my best friend forever I’m so happy to have you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Send love for God’s Jesus Christ Angels Archangels 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍

  26. Thank you for the Guidance, I’m rising up and that’s all because of my angels and spirit guides. I breath positivity, I breath Love, I breath life, I breath good health, I breath peace of mind, I breath joy, I breath calmness, I breath healing and growth. 🤍🌿

  27. Thank you so much I didn’t know that numbers have hidden meaning. Thank you my Angel I promise to stay positive.

  28. So this morning I saw a white baby feather come down in front of my eyes. Then a few hours later, after picking up my kid. I saw. 14.14 on the clock. Then when I wanted to look it up. It was 14.41 and my battery was 14 %. Thank you my angels for always leading the way & protecting me

  29. My guardian angel Sehaliah am so grateful for your light and your guidance. Your message left me speechless: just Thank you.

  30. Angel Sehaliah I Thank You and I Love You So Much And Lastly I Receive Let It Be Unto Me In The Mighty Name Of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.

  31. Guardian Angel Sehemiah by the Power of God thank you for stepping forward ,I receive all you’ve promised I ask that you bless me with your abilities I receive your presence , Camagu h

  32. Am just from doing sth major and I believe this is a sign. I have put all my worries down and I manifest positivity. Thank you universe for giving me this sign .

  33. I thank God Almighty and my angels for believing in me an guiding my path with protection and insight. I feel very lucky to have you on my side and I am excited for the future and what it has in store for me, love and light xxxx

  34. I feel blessed 🙏 Thank you for that energy my protector! 🙏 I am the only one in my family how feel that deep. Thank you God!! Love you God! 🙏 Thank you for everything God! 🙏 Jesus is King 🙏

  35. God is Great YES Great. . Praise Be to Him … God has being so good to me and ma family. .. Thanks to All my Guiding Angels… You Wonderful. .. Thanks to All Angels in Heaven. . I Believe. .. Thanks God….

  36. This is amazing since Saturn has gone retrograde it’s been draining for me. Roll on September 19th!! It’s good to know that I need to remain positive and keep an optimistic attitude and show gratitude for everything!

  37. Thank you so much for this message today..I am facing son many challenges right now..and it Is becoming more and more dufficult to remain of this journey to my souls mission in life…..I needed to hear this message today..I will try to rrmein positive and send good energy out into the universe..and remain thankful for my blessings Thank you. Love & light to all

  38. Bless and glory be to Almighty God and our Lord Jesus and all the Angels in heaven and earth for your Divine protection am in difficulties since last year and l know with you by my side l have already gone l believe everything you are showing and l know tomorrow will be a better day l believe in God Jesus and all the Angels of heaven thank you for your Divine protection and help Love you Almighty God Love you Jesus and Love you Angels 🕊🙏🏽

  39. Thank you!!!
    Thank you my Dear father Almighty God in the name of our Lord Jesus christ,!!!!
    Thank you all that helping us 🙏🏽

  40. I was in hanger at the time I saw this message from the angels. And I was questioning why, what should I learn from the situation that caused me the anger…
    This kind of signals are happening in a daily basis.
    I’m so grateful to my higher power…

    • Hi Bruno,

      Anger is a negative emotion that requires you to look at it more closely. Hence your own words:
      “what should I learn from the situation that caused me the anger…” We all have the answers within us…

      That anger is depleting you of your energy and is damaging you. The person or the situation that makes you angry is actually still winning!

      – It is time for you to take the positive out of that negative experience.You are now much stronger than you think. Everything happens for at least 3 reasons. As humans we tend to see only one facet of that diamond that life is.
      Life is harsh but you will never be given what you can’t take.

      – It is also time for you to forgive that person or situation and to forgive yourself and no longer hang on to that anger.

      Forgiveness is a very powerful healing tool that will free you and release that anger once for all.

      – It is time for you to move on and to get out of that limbo you are in. Leave the past where it belongs: in the past!

      Your guardian angel is around you and so are your spirit guides.
      One is NEVER alone.

      – It is so much easier to be negative. However, one can override negative thoughts by refusing them as soon as you are aware of them and you can replace them by positive affirmations like: “I am ok – I am strong etc. the more you repeat these words the more they get anchored in your subconscious.
      Positivity will bring back positivity and greater rewards into your life. It does requires more efforts though!..

      I hope these few words will help

    • I just want to say how greatful I am to be born when I thought I had no reason to be here at the particular year that I was born. I didn’t understand why God put me in a spot like this. But as I review my life and relizing their is a huge purpose in my existence and it’s a wonderful gift to have and it takes one to know one when you been through it because it took a long time for people to understand that it matters to other people too not just themselves. And people need to not to quick judge a person without giving them the time to get to know them and keep moving on with life thinking that they did nothing wrong. All it takes is someone to speak up and keep on doing it as long as it takes for a person to realize this esp when ur angel brings in the slumber of those that needed that attention for themselves and put it in their own words. It takes a lot of love to know all boundaries in life to realize how unique and beautiful and (all of above) they are.. and try or never let someone destroy the person you know who you are and every other individual as well bc its not all just about you it’s about everyone else too. Let’s try to always remember treat everyone how you would like to be treated. (You don’t want to be in a spot where everyone is trying to hold your light back bc of their own insecurities)..

      I love you God himself and the divine connection and angels and holy spirit and love who u are. I live you so much more then you will ever know. 🥸💜🤍💜🤍💜🤍

  41. Thank you. I saw it right after an unpleasant conversation with the furniture shop who instead of completing my order after a month, offered to give me back my money. So, I am about to be excessive in my behavior indeed. Hope to solve this challenge in the best way.

  42. Together again!
    I am listening… Sorry if i fail sometimes, but i am only human…
    Thank you for all you give to us!!
    I love you.

  43. Thank you again… you always came in the right moment, Please uplift my heart and filled with peace and faith!!
    Love you

  44. Thank you i am being positive because i am sure you are by my side.
    thank you for guarding my heart cuz it feels lighter an happier.

  45. Wow I truly feel this is resonating with my current situation Barclays Bank have locked my account and it’s currently under review apparently this is done at ramdom. In the midst of the challenge I have met a new soul mate who is spiritually like minded like myself. I’m just going to leave it the angels to resolve and be positive that all will work out in divine timing love and light all xx

  46. 14:41 appears when my best friend phones me, it happened twice already, I want to know what that means.

  47. Amen thanking the angels for the guidance I will leave all worries and fears with them and continue to be positive because i am truly blessed amen 🙏🏾

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