15:51 Meaning

Did you know that mirror hours and reversed mirror hours each have their own individual meaning? If you see a mirror hour or a reversed mirror hour often then you should try to figure out what it means; there is a message behind it that you would do well to be aware of. Your guardian angel is trying to get in contact with you to give you answers to your questions, to alert you of something, or just to let you know that he is there watching over you.

To find out exactly what he's trying to tell you, you should work to uncover the meaning behind this mysterious message. You check your watch and see the dial display the numbers 15:51, and what’s more, this isn’t the first time that this has happened. This is a reversed mirror hour and you should make an effort to find out what it might be hiding and why it could be appearing to you so often.

This hour is a way for your guardian angel to send you a message. First of all you should know that this special hour on the clock is the hour of benevolence, love, freedom, and optimism. Your angel is trying to tell you that he will be at your side and will support you in all the decisions you make. This hour heralds a great change and it is up to you to see its positive side. He will always be at your side watching over you.

Significance of 15:51 with the Guardian Angels

Love and premonition – these are the things which the guardian angel Mihael can bring you, and it is through the hour 15:51 that he is alerting you of this fact. He offers you powers of clairvoyance which is why you sometimes feel as if you are having premonitions. Thanks to his gift of clairvoyance you will find it easy to improve your perceptive abilities. You will now live your life with peace both on the inside and on the outside.

The message behind this reversed hour also concerns the relationship aspect of your life. Your guardian angel is letting you know that he will bring love, peace, and fidelity to your relationship. He will give you harmony and peace of mind and bring reconciliation to the lives of you and your partner. He will also help with reproduction and growth.

Your guardian angel, your patron and protector tells you that he will bring fertility to all of your sexual acts if you are currently looking to expand your family. Under his guardianship, you will bring forth a being with an amazing heart and soul. Do not forget that he is the angel of fertility, but he will also bring a divine sexuality to the life you have with your partner.

Before engaging in positive thinking Mihael is letting you know that you should first develop your imagination, because when you use your imagination and picture an image in your mind it is by putting energy into the vibrations of this image that it will be able to materialize in the physical world – you therefore have the potential to create great things. Think of positive things and they will be sure to manifest themselves sooner or later.

Through the reversed mirror hour 15:51 the guardian angel Mihael is letting you know that you now have the ability to accomplish divine things thanks to his protection. He allows you to be more receptive and to listen to others with wisdom. You need no longer be worried as your angel is always watching over you.

What does 15:51 mean in Numerology?

When you calculate the total value of the reversed mirror hour 15:51 you will come across the number 66. This is an angel number which hides a message for you to uncover. It represents simplicity, family, gratitude, humanitarianism, and community. It also symbolizes the power of unconditional love, recovery, faith, and trust in the divine.

This angel number asks you to put your trust and faith in the bounty of the universe. If you do this, you will never want for anything ever again. It is your guardian angel who helps you, guides you, and supports you in accomplishing your desires, wishes, and goals.

When the number 66 appears to you, you should stay positive and learn to balance the material, spiritual, and physical aspects of your life. You should also focus on leading a healthier lifestyle and living your life with more complete awareness. As long as you live your life devoted to the mission of the divine, your material needs will come to you easily.

The numerology of the number 66 stemming from this reversed mirror hour also has the message that you will no longer need to worry about your finances. From the moment that you experience the spiritual truths and have trust, everything will start to go well for you. The help and support of your angel will bring only positive things to your life.

The number 66 gives you a certain magnetism which makes your relationships with others easier. This pushes you inescapably towards realizations and understandings gained through the exchanges you have with others as well as through love and communication. Also keep in mind that the angelic numerology behind this hour brings with it aestheticism and beauty just as much as it brings you health and well-being. Your angel is your greatest protector and he will never put you in difficult situations. On the contrary, he will show you the path towards happiness.

Any comment on the 15:51 mirror hour?

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  1. The Universe, thank you for your guidance, protection and messages of encouragement.

  2. Thank you God 🙏, thank you my angel for be there and keep on blessing me and protecting from evil spirits and bad spirits amen.

  3. Dear Angel Mihael,
    Kindly guide me and my family in manifestations of all opportunities will knock. Protect and guide and guard me and my family. Thank you very much. Loveyou

  4. Thank you so much my dear Angel’s and all divinity. Thank you Universe for Abundant divine love, care and protection. I remain in Gratitude.

  5. Just saw the reverse Hour 51:51 then decided to do a little research, Boy Did i needed to Hear this Message, everything Highlighted is Currently happening in my life and reading this validates a Lot of thing and has Instantly eliminated Every Doubt, Fears and Uncertainties, Can’t Thank The Author Enough this Site has been a Blessing to me Clearing and Answering a Lot of Questions, Sending Blessings Your Way🙏❤️❤️

  6. Listen, through a particular train of though I decided to google the question “How to sort out a human being from an elemental”. I already did know part of the answer but I wanted to see if I could get more. When I opened google it was 15:15, and look at what you posted!!! Basically highlighting the fact no elementals are allowed! And I am into manifestation bigtime. What can I say… WOW

  7. Thanks a lot for the time making this. I appreciate it so much! Love and kindness to everyone reading this comment 💕

  8. Good day ,I honestly experience different mirrored hours each day therefore I thank my supreme for encamping around me .
    Thank you 🙏 for the unconditional love.

  9. My name means Champion. On 21st December 2000 I woke up in the exact way described in the Holy Bible 1 Corinthians 15:51. This is not fiction, it is absolutely true.

  10. Thankyou so much, i just saw 15:51 on the timer, and honestly my heart skipped a bit, i am thinking of getting a divorce with my husband bcoz things are not working out, but thankyou for your help i will continue to trust my intuition and give him a chance.

  11. Thank you so much angels, and divine creator. From the bottom of my soul which you are making beautiful, I thank and love you. I truly hope I will not take these blessings for granted.
    Caroline x

  12. I’m receiving several numerical signals from different Angels. I’m getting a faint idea who sent all of them though. I’m eternally grateful to all the Divine Angels.

    • I am always grateful and thankful to my guardian angels, devine, universe for all the blessings showering upon me.

  13. AGAIN , i bless this domain online , it helped so much , all i wish is to be happy again with my partner (11 years already ) and have a reborn beggining , all is right and i am in much more peace now . Soon i will have him in Porto , where i am having my alone peace healing moment and will for sure put my creativity and proper efforts towards that goal . Much love to all, do not give up on happiness !!!! Light to all my friends !!!!

  14. Thank you for this website!❤️ It is always a great guidance for me in my spiritual growth and understanding. Thank you to all guardian angles, Angel Mihael and the Universe! Blessed!🙏🏼

  15. Thank you My God he creator of the universe for sending Angel Miahel yo me with this wonderful messages that will manifest in my life

  16. Thank God and my guardian Angel… And thanks you for the explanation of the mirror number that u see… GB Us

  17. Wow my god, just now i was thinking about baby
    I was dreaming to have a baby boy. then just now i saw 15:51
    and the msg from angel mihael ,angel of fertility
    i don’t know really what to say,
    just i can say angel mihael has confirmed it for me . thank you very much god thank you very much angel mihael thank you universe ………

  18. Hi, I’m Sophia, I see all of time in every day 11:11…..after12:12….next14:14……15:15….after 15:51….sometime16:16or…17:17….18:18…..20:20……..22:20….00:00….and this number always with me. Please help me when I see what should I do? Thanks a lot

    • Hey Sophia, first see what the mirror hour you see means, then if it correspond with your situation do what your angels are telling you, for instance 14:14 is put to the side anything useless that youre doing and focus on anything thats important to you, 16:16 mean you may fail what youre thinking about or doing, 17:17 is the opposite.

  19. Thank you so much. Your article is also a mirror itself to me. Good work. More grease to your elbows.

  20. Thank you my guardian patron for being with me and watching over me. I welcome your love to my life. Please help me raise my receptive abilities. Thank you

  21. Angel Mihael I Thank You, Love You, and Please I Receive in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.

  22. Thank you so much my dear Angel’s and all divinity. Thank you Universe for Abundant divine love, care and protection. I remain in Gratitude.

  23. Thanks for helping me gain an insight and a much better understanding of my latest experiences and the meanings to the special experiences xx love and light to the universe and everything and everyone in it and to my mum and my sister most of all and to myself to be strong and to have faith in my self and in my capabilities to what I know what I want to do xx peace and love to all xx

  24. Thank you for support and hope. I am very grateful for this words 🙏🌸 Power of unconditionall love ❤

  25. Thank You, Celeste,
    Love to read all the messages theough numbers and all your help and work on my case.. Appreciate
    Renata R.

  26. Thanks my Angeles and all Devine forces my life is moving in the right direction I sometimes feel as if I can see my future which is so beautiful to imagine thanks to all my Angeles for having my back and directing me

  27. Thank you so much! I’ve been feeling the past couple of days these numbers mean something that I just wasn’t getting. All last night my mind was very loud from messages that where being sent. Lots of activity in my bedroom seeing light and shadows, hearing ringing and I got a few messages from spirit guides maybe? This is all amazing and making sense now and I know what I have to do in order to stay on the right path. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and light to everyone xxx

  28. I’m so happy I know the new in Pisces ♓️ is a new start to my cycle thank you angels 😍

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