11:11 Meaning

The mirror hour 11:11 is one of the most striking to see. Made up of a double 11 it often attracts the attention of our subconscious and we will frequently stumble across it. Here you will learn the significance of the double hour 11:11 and what kind of message it is trying to communicate to you through the angels and through numerology.

Indeed, eleven minutes past eleven o’ clock is considered by many numerologists to be a mirror hour connected to the spiritual or supernatural world. 11:11 is a good representation of Jung's concept of synchronicity with 4 identical numbers in a row across the hours and minutes.

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11:11 shows an important connection to your guardian angel or to your spiritual guide. This hour encourages you to reflect and increase your awareness through your subconscious. 11 is a master number which symbolizes a great energy which you must learn to control or else risk being overwhelmed.

Significance of 11:11 with the Guardian Angels

The guardian angels give a precise meaning to the mirror hour 11:11. They indicate that you should concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. If you are facing a challenge, take the time and space you need before you take it on. This step is essential to allow you to find your mental balance.

Unfortunately, coming across 11:11 may also mean that you are currently going through a period of stress or anxiety. Even if you think that you’re managing OK, your subconscious, which caught sight of this mirror hour, understands that the angels are telling you: Calm down! Find your serenity! This will put an end to your inevitable “inner rebellions”.

If you see 11:11 while you are thinking about an important subject, then this means that your idea is revolutionary. Hold onto it and use your natural charisma to spread it far and wide! When we pay attention to a synchronicity like this with the angelic world, it can be a real power which will help you to make positive progress on your life path.

But be careful not to seek out a source of power or responsibility which is too great. 11:11 shows that you are not yet in a position to take everything on. You should concentrate on yourself before you direct your energy outwards.

Mirror Hour 11:11 Love Interpretation

When 11:11 lights up your day, think of it as a sign from the universe, a cosmic wink guiding your quest for love.

This sequence is an energetic portal calling you to fix your thought power squarely on your heart's most intimate desires for love.

This, however, would be the perfect time to bring to invocation the true love in your life with clear visualizations about the kind of relationship you might want to see growing in your life, and setting the intentions of letting the universe carry you towards those aspirations.

Invitation to Focus on the Desires of the Heart

11:11 will invite you to express yourself sincerely about what you really want in love. It is cleaning your projections in love with pure intention.

These beacons, on point, will call out to the universe for the love that you deserve. It portends nothing else but the truth in your intentions, as only then do the relationships it draws mirror your soul.

Imagine the kind of relationship you want, feel it in your heart, and then just let that intention go out into the universe with faith and trust.

Synchronicity and Connections

11:11 is often linked with the arrival of meaningful synchronicities that allow meeting soulmates or twin flames.

These deep karmic connections are orchestrated by the universe to enrich your emotional and spiritual journey.

Keep your eyes open for the signs and coincidences that could lead you to such a meeting, something of great, great, great meaning to you. 11:11 reminds one to open their heart and soul to these contacts, divinely steered.

Trust and letting go

11:11 at its very core is the message of trust in the process of love and letting go: accepting that the Universe knows better, it has a better plan for you, and all loving interactions carry their lessons and blessings.

It calls for unclenching your hands from control, releasing rigid expectations, and letting the natural flow of love carry you along.

Trusting in the universe and letting go doesn't mean you do nothing but open yourself to love in a calm and confident way, trusting that everything that has to find its way to you will.

In welcoming the energy of 11:11, you are, in fact, opening a portal to a world of potential love to be real-ly experienced in sync and trust down to the very core of your life force.

It is a call for you to find where in your heart you might be resonating with love, staying open to the magic of love, and then welcoming each phase of your love journey with grateful arms.

Angelic Interpretation of the Hour 11:11

The guardian angel corresponding with 11:11 is Lehahiah whose period of influence is between 11:00 and 11:20. He is the symbol of serenity and luck! He spreads within you the energy you need to calm down. Invoke him to improve your practice in meditation. He brings luck to those who need it and who ask him with respect.

He helps you to put order to your thoughts. Thanks to him, you will manage to find balance in your life. He turns you into a faithful person for whom frankness and honesty are essential. You find it difficult to handle injustice, which is something that can definitely rub you the wrong way.

Influence of the Archangels on 11:11

Hours: From 11:00 to 12:00 – Archangel: Raphael – Planetary Energy: The Sun

Hours: From 11:00 to 12:00 – Archangel: Gabriel – Planetary Energy: The Moon

Hours: From 11:00 to 12:00 – Archangel: Camael – Planetary Energy: Mars

Hours: From 11:00 to 12:00 – Archangel: Michael – Planetary Energy: Mercury

Hours: From 11:00 to 12:00 – Archangel: Zadkiel – Planetary Energy: Jupiter

Hours: From 11:00 to 12:00 – Archangel: Haniel – Planetary Energy: Venus

Hours: From 11:00 to 12:00 – Archangel: Zaphkiel – Planetary Energy: Saturn

What does 11:11 mean in Numerology?

The total value of the mirror hour 11:11 is 22. The numerological study of this number indicates that you are an ambitious person who does what is necessary to achieve your goals. You are able to rally those around you! Whether it be people or ideas, you utilize them in the best way to make progress faster.

You find it easy to analyze your thoughts and feelings, and you can quickly understand the ins and outs of a problem or idea. It is like you have a sixth sense! This helps you to collaborate on important projects which require foresight.

11:11 and 22 both show that you have your feet on the ground. This allows you to envisage yourself accomplishing great things, especially if they are directed towards humanity on a large scale. You can sometimes take the role of an “architect”, someone who builds things for the long term. You are a symbol of stability and strength!

Finally, the total value of this mirror hour shows that you are a major support for those close to you, as well as, of course, your partner if you are in a relationship. In the first instance you may appear to be the “traditional” type, especially at the beginning of a romantic relationship, but this is a poor understanding of your personality, isn’t it?

Connection between 11:11 and the Tarot

The Tarot card corresponding with 11:11 is Strength. This is a great sign as it shows that you have a great amount of energy within you as well as a great amount of control. You are a courageous person, and your motivation allows you to carry out your projects from start to finish. But be careful not to dominate others too much to achieve your ends.

The symbolism in the imagery of the Strength Arcanum is very telling. It shows that you are in a position of control, and that you are able to calm a beast while maintaining complete tranquility yourself. This card corresponding to the mirror hour 11:11 clearly shows that you are able to manage all problems that present themselves to you.

However, Strength can sometimes be poorly channeled. This can lead to situations dominated by conflict and misunderstanding. What’s more, it can sometimes be difficult to remain in control of everything. If this card is in a bad position in the Tarot reading it can even be synonymous with temporary weakness.

Romantically speaking, Strength refers to a passionate relationship. Do you feel attracted to your partner like two magnets? This is completely natural. Your romantic life is guided by your feelings.

At work you are reliable and you like stable commitments. You want stability in exchange for your efforts!

On the financial level, you are in great control of your finances so your creditors can rest easy when they lend you money should there be an important asset that you would like to obtain.

Any comment on the 11:11 mirror hour?

84 responses to “11:11”

  1. Thank you Lehahiah for your message.
    Please help me to stay positive & completely ignore Joyce, help me to move forward with dignity & never to stoop to her level in other wards do not retaliate. Shut her down completely.
    I will require your assistance for this at all times, please be with me.
    Thank you thank you thank you 🙏Love Kate💜

  2. I thank you Guardian Angel Lehahiah for your presence and guidance in my life while I am going through a very stressful period. I am grateful to you for helping me calm down and be vigilant focusing on all positive outcomes as I continue regularly meditating and praying to you. My arms are open to welcoming in all forms of love. Thank you for always being there for me. I feel so very blessed by your supportive caring. With much Respect and Love.

  3. Thank you my angel I pray for luck 🙏🕯️ please bless me with Money, Health,Long Life, Protection, Love and peace Amen.

  4. Am currently in anxiety because of I want my Girlfriend Anathi Jo back to my life, please my angel help me, she used to help me am currently in a wheelchair because of car accident 🙏.

  5. Amen my angel am currently in a situation of stress a anxiety because my Girlfriend dumped me and I was involved in a car accident so am using wheelchair I need to be healed 💔🙏

  6. Guardian Angel, i thank you so much for touching me just when i needed to be touched, on this the first day of the New Year, as the sun, after its standstill (winter solstice), starts its return, as an added bonus, todays reading from the I-Ching was Hexagram 24: Return.

    You’ve touched me twice in one day, first @ 11:11 and then @ 14:14, and for that, i give thanks, and truly feel blessed this day.
    ;~) Thanks

  7. Thank you my Angel, the time you send this message 🕯️ I was stressing now I feel better, am a wheelchair user so it’s not easy to do things by my own 🤦🏿‍♂️.

  8. My Blessed GOD’S Angel , it is with all Reverence and Respect that I tnank you , for Your ,
    Guide , Protection and Care , Please Blow your Influence over Me , so , I , can spread God’ S Light ,, Thank You ?

  9. Many thanks Angel Lehahiah.
    I needed this sign/ your presence. I woke up and first thing i saw as immediately turned to laptop besides me was the the time when i woke it up. I fell asleep with certain thoughts and dreamt of such thoughts. In the past 4 to 5 days i have luckily fallen across certain bits of information and uncovered several lies and thefts. I now have some answers and know cause of action to take moving forward. Please keep communicating and moving with me. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and patients up until this point.


  10. Thank you so much for showing up dear Lehahiah and thank you mirrorhour.com for deciphering these message for us. I love you.

  11. Thank you for the message Angel Lehahiah, with respect I asked you to help me focus on myself, calm down and take time and space when facing the challenge. Please help me to find my mental balance. Amen.🙏🙇🏻‍♂️❤️

  12. i see number in my dream but everytime i wake up boom i forget everything and i don’t no why because its hurts to forget my dreams

  13. Thank you for communicating with me Guardian Angel Lehahiah. I respectfully pray for your help in bringing some fantastic good luck my way. I am grateful for your guidance and shall continue to do my best when it comes to remaining calm, balanced at all times and meditating more often. Much appreciation and respect to you. Amen.

  14. My Dearly lovely and mindful angel 😇 please guide me towards my days give me more of your wisdom, knowledge & understanding help me to be overwhelmed and not to over control anyone around amen 🙏

  15. Thank you God for blessing me 🙏🏻💜✨ thank you Universe for helping me 🙏🏻💜✨ thank you Angels for protecting me 🙏🏻💜✨ 11:11 22:22 13:13
    3/13 ♓️

  16. Also when mirror hour number 11:11 is broken down in numerology is breaks down to the number 4 of which is my Life Path Number.

  17. I’ve been seeing these mirror numbers for about 12 years. I’m already esoterically involved since then so understand that they indicate a connection to the psychic nature in me. Since about 5 months 11:11 is dominant

  18. I saw 11:11 in a dream. I was standing at a crossroad someplace that I did not recognize. I saw a big billboard. In the billboard was written 11:11. I said out loud,” but what does this have to do with me”.I’m not positive but I figured it had something to do with a decision that I was going to have to make about something.

  19. Guardian Angel Lehahiah, I am grateful to you for helping me to remain calm and serene. I’m overwhelmed by too many worrying things all happening at once right now. Respectfully, I would very much appreciate your assistance in bringing additional energy, time, positivity, foresight, strength, and luck into my life and home environment. I will focus more on meditating and all things that keep me calm and balanced. I am grateful for your presence and blessings. Amen

  20. Guardian Angel Lehahiah, I’ve been seeing this number for at least the last 6 to 7 years, not knowing what it meant. Now that I know what it means, I thank you very much for being with me and guiding me through hard times in my life and during times when nobody was there for me when I had nobody to talk to. Now that I know that you exist I will talk to you more often. Thank you for talking to me for the last eight years. Now I know that you are there with and for me. Thank you for all of the gifts you have put in front of me. Accept my prayers and gratitude. I am blessed that you are guiding my way. Amen

  21. My beloved Angel Lehaiah, I am so grateful for your divine message which gives me clarity and strength! I invoke you my dear Angel to help me keep a high and balanced energy to keep feeling happy and joyful everywhere I go and whatever I do. Thank you for all your help and support my Divine Angel! I love you xxxx

  22. Dear Angel , Please give me the opportunity to channel new ideas and thoughts which will change the world.. thank you for i know you will shower me and my family infinite abundance & prosperity. Please guard and protect our whole family. Bless and grant my children canadian student visa. Surround our family good and helpful people. Help erwin from attacks or doj and ombudsman. Please keep us safe from dangerous people who use dark forces or ideas, dark energies, black magic, Thank you

  23. Guardian Angel Lehahiah, I thank you for hearing my prayers and helping me to find balance, serenity, and good luck. I am so very grateful for your presence and assistance.

  24. I was born 11 11 at 11pm
    In 1956 I see 5 +6 =11
    At age 14 I had my first nightmare that came through 2 days later, and since then I new many events that did happen in the future, good, bad and sad events, I got so overwhelmed because I didn’t know what was going on, it was something that I couldn’t control for a long time, but I always been a very lucky person. In my dream an Angel gave me a key and told me everything was going to be ok. And since then I been able to be more calm and in control, my life is great and peaceful. I am so thankful.

  25. Nice to see other 11/11s here, hello, and namaste. I was born on 11/11 at 1:23am. I turned 33 on 11/11/2020.
    I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairempathic and claircognisant. I have pre-sight in dreams and with my clairs in waking life, average 7 years before the event. I speak with m ancestors or spirit team through scrying and automatic writing. I remember some snapshots of past lives, in other places than Earth. I dream in other incarnations or in other timelines, and sometimes just have normal dreams too. I saw 11:11 on the clock every day for 30 years but now I tend to see all the mirror hours I’m awake for, and have lots of patterns of 2s and 3s in things I read or in video lengths or likes, as others have said. The spirit connection is truly strong with us 11/11s, we have a divinely gifted connection to source. Enjoy your wonderfully supported life, 11/11s, and all the balance we bring to Earth life.

  26. Im see from 3 months before daily double hours in a raw like
    22:22,19:19,21:21,11:11,09:09,10:10,17:17 and the thing is that I didn’t see it only in hours but and in car plates in streets numbers I don’t know what exactly is going on

  27. The 11:11 hour mirror meaning is quite interesting and thus it isn’t an easy part because the message tells us about control and that we need to stabilize our strength and not to dominate others also. 💙

  28. Thank you for strength.. I am grateful for my strength and my Guardian Angel Lehahiah, please we need luck right now.. Please be on our side… I ask of this with love and respect..

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God in Heaven and on Earth.

  29. My guardian angel Lehaiah, thank you for this revelation. I pray to you, give me luck and more strength, amen.🙏

  30. this was so much needed. Yesterday i have received some news that kind of put me down and stressed me. And since then I have been more anxious and worried. I tend to see a lot of mirrored hours, not necessarily one in particular. But today I saw this one and reading about it made so much sense. I do tend to want to help others more than myself and tend to put others first… I guess I have a lot more to learn and I do need to calm down and breath… I’ll get through it. I’m strong after all.

  31. Thank you so much my Guardian Angel, Archangel and Universe. I am happy and grateful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  32. i have been seeing mirror hours since 2018… since then it has continued to to appear.. except 5-6 months in between.. I don’t see a particular mirror hour every time.. It just most of the time I see many mirror hours.. like 7:07,9:09,8:08, 12:21, 11:11, 10:01, 1:11, 3:03

  33. For the past week I’ve been seeing this number and it’s the only time I check time in the morning, even in shop windows and taxis amongst others but I didn’t know what it meant. I just felt like something wanted me to get its attention.
    I don’t know ever since I’ve been attracted to the moon. Even this morning I saw 11:11 when I was checking time so I Google to see what it meant just to come across this. Thanks and be blessed.

  34. I don’t know what it all means but I was born in November, which is 11 and I was born at 11:11. I have been driven to meditate which I’ve never done and the first video I ran across on youtube had a duration time of 1:11:11
    I’ve walked by my oven several times and the clock is 11:11. I found a new meditation today and it has 111 likes. What the heck?

  35. Also see 22:22 and 4:44 often, but 11:11 more frequently. For over a year now. Believe it is a sign of evolving, beyond current circumstances.

  36. I was told that 11:11 =4 which is significant to the 4 corners of the earth. If you are one of the few chosen to see this, your born into strength and leadership. One day this leadership role will lead you to the corner of which you will be in high leadership and very importantly will be used for balancing out the world.

  37. Hello. Everytime I look at the time i see mirror hour, be it 11:11 or 10: 10, I always see them. I have been ignoring it for a long time until I decided to look it up and I found this site. Thank you so much. Now i will be able to check every mirror hur i see.

  38. It is important to keep your eyes open to all of the possibilities because your guardian angels will use any means necessary to help you fulfill your potential.

  39. Well, my experience with 11:11 has always been a heart warming feeling. I was born 11 minutes after 11 o’clock on the 11th day. I do feel connected with the universe when i think positive my life goes smoothly. I have premonitions in dreams and in waking hours. sometimes days, weeks or years before an event, but i always remember the photo etched in my dreams..

  40. Your insights are very inspiring! Indeed this number is very special to me. I never really believed in numerology before– but this number changed everything. It gave me purpose and meaning to my lost self. This number turned my deepest dreams into reality because it represents the number of movements, infinity, power, success, and potential. I hope I can also witness more people discovering their potentials and going where they’re supposed to be! 🙂

  41. I feel the same way as Bervely tbh. When I see this hour, I know I’m having negative thoughts and I’m scared. Future scares me, even tho I am always fighting hard to change things for the best. I have an unlimitrd hope that I might turn things for the best, but, often, I wonder if that’s what I am rly supposed to achieve and when this occurs, this hours is there. I started seeing mirror hours after a dream. After a big war that ruin an entire village, I had kids around me and the sky, all the sudden, was full of planets lining up. It was night, but the planets were so colorful, like there was light to illuminate them, even tho there was not.

  42. I see 11:11 almost all the time a check the time.Thank you for this article I have found more answers to my questions.Also It has given me a hint of who is my angel guardian is as I have seen one face to face.

  43. Wow… Thanks for putting this up. i do see sequence of numbers most times. 11:11 . 2:22 . 3:33 . 3:03 .12:12 >10:10 .. i really dont know what it means till now . I will welcome them more . i appreciate .

  44. I’m so thankful I came across mirror hour.. it has been helping me so much. I don’t even remember now how I found this page! I guess it was meant to be 🙂 Thank you so much.. I lost my spiritual awareness for a little while.. this is helping me and I feel so much like myself again, more in control, positive, motivated.. the list is endless. Thank you.. x

  45. Since 1January 2019 I keep seeing11 11 on a daily basis! Whenever I check The clock; open my laptop my ipad; when someone asks for The Time! I thought this îs just coincidence but after 7 months? I can definetely say IT bought lots of good changes this year
    Any thoughts

  46. I also wondered about the connection being sent whenever I see 11:11. I’ve been seeing it more than once a week now in the past months. One evening I looked at the time and even though it was actually 7:11, the time showing was 11:11. That was when I knew that my angels were sending me a message. It ended up being a glorious night for me!

  47. @Beverly Naumann. Signs are a gift. Because you know this mirror hour warns of a bad day, you are one step ahead. It means you have power to slow down your actions and reactions, you have to consciously think before you act, react or see things in a negative light. You have the strength to make positive of negative. I used to get angry when my bottom lip jumped coz it meant a quarrel without fail. But I realise now that I’m being forewarned to avoid arguments, calm myself if provoked and to avoid causing trouble. So when that happens, I pray for wisdom and strength. Hope you’ve since turned it around

  48. My mother passed on 11 11 11. And she confessed seeing it too around a year before she passed away.

  49. wow 3 times in a series of videos at once!
    Thank you very much Angels and Aechangel Michael, my protector and guide, God and Universe!
    Love you all

  50. I have had plenty on my plate for the past year and i have searched for supernatural knowledge to deal with my problems.I cant say my problems have been solved as they are quite a lot but i have accumulated plenty of wisdom. I am also fearless now. I can do or face things that I have swept under the mat for as long as i can remember and i see the number 11:11 more frequently or i have always had but now i pay close attention to it.If there is anyone who can help get to the absolute bottom of it or help me fulfill my purpose and potential.I am ready.

  51. I am seeing mirror numbers as if I get bombarded by them sometimes 3 to 4 times a day. 09:09. 11:11 00:00 21:21 13:13 22:22 are the most frequint. I am very busy and can assure yiu I am not searching for them. It is the past 4months that I first realised it and was shocked to see there is actually a website about it.

    • That means you have a great task ahead of you, that’s if you want to do it? It’s your choice not anyone’s, try and seek your creator and you will see more numbers and meaning. GOD BLESS YOU

  52. The past 6 months I have seen 11:11 so many times it made me google the significance. All the info is overwhelming & there’s so many possibilities of seeing this. I’ve woke up several times in the night to see 11:11 on the clock. Is this a loved one or the universe telling me to get it together ? I see it at work enough to notice it there also. I want to understand but also don’t want to over think all the possibilities.

  53. Thank you so much for this information. I have been seeing this for the longest time. A few years to be exact. Lately it’s been everyday now. I may be quite slow in absorbing the meanings, but i’m trying hard to understand. Thank you so much again.

  54. I have always heard that seeing 11:11 was a good thing. With me it is just the opposite. When I see it, I know I am going to have a bad day. I don’t understand why I am affected so differently by this.

    • 11:11 denotes strength and It shows that you are in a position of control. If you strongly think that its going to be a bad day then you are creating a negative secret for yourself and because you are in control, you have experienced and witnessed the results of your negative thoughts to become reality.

      Try thinking positive and eventually good things will start coming your way.

    • You are manifesting or putting out there to the universe that you expect a bad day . Try to change your interpretation

    • As a man thinketh so He Maketh, it’s just the actualisation of your thoughts you channeled and focused all your strength at that manifests.
      I live everyday with the mindset that everything works for my good, I constantly think positively.

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