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You are now going to learn the meaning of the mirror hour 02:02. Your subconscious has led you to look at the time and you have noticed that it is made up of a double “02”! But what is the meaning of this puzzling sign? Is it an entity? Your spirit? An Angel? All will become clear!

It was Carl Jung who first put forth the phenomenon of synchronicity. This Swiss psychiatrist is one of the pioneers of depth psychology. He explained that a mirror hour like 02:02 can be a sign or an omen, and that it has a meaning for the observer. Here we are going to give you a complete interpretation of this double hour with the help of several methods and tools of divination.

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We are going to start with the meaning that the angels have for this hour by using the work of Doreen Virtue. You will also be given information concerning the guardian angel which has the most influence over this mirror hour. We will then go on to numerology and finish with the Tarot of Marseilles!

Significance of 02:02 with the Guardian Angels

The guardian angels encourage you to work on yourself! Indeed, the mirror hour 02:02 shows that you sometimes encounter periods in which duality assaults you. You should take the time to analyze what is good and what is bad. Give yourself the necessary time before taking decisions, otherwise you risk making bad choices.

You are a sensitive person, you have a great sense of empathy, and you can easily tell what people are really thinking. You have an aptitude for psychic abilities. If you so choose you could refine your knowledge of the esoteric world or of the study of dreams. You are guided by your guardian angel who will give you access to a lot of information through signs, synchronicity, or coincidences.

You are altruistic in your professional life. You are a humble person who prefers to lead in secret. But make sure not to put yourself on the sidelines, for you risk not receiving the acknowledgment you deserve. You have a beautiful soul, but you must also know how to defend your interests if others threaten to take them away from you.

If you are considering becoming closer with someone or if you wish to know if the person in your heart is right for you, then the guardian angels’ answer through the mirror hour 02:02 is “yes”! This is the concrete answer you need which will allow you to get on well with everyone.

Mirror Hour 02:02 Love Meaning

02:02 talks about union and duality, reminding how much complementarity and balance are important in any loving relationship.

This can be a meeting between two people, complementary and enriched together, creating a harmony of celebrating their difference and from there building on reciprocity.

Union and complementarity

When 02:02 appears, it's like a gentle reminder to seek and cherish balance and complementarity with our other half.

This special hour beseeches from us recognition and appreciation in diversity, which, instead of separating us, enriches our relationship.

It teaches that complementarity is no synonym for loss of identity but, rather, a delicate dance where each partner must respect and value the singularities of the other in order to be able to weave the threads of a relationship both balanced and rich.

Duality and balance 

02:02 Underlines the fact that love is equal to learning to move between these two antagonistic poles in constant search of balance.

So, this mirror hour draws an invitation to welcome the dance, reminding that difference, when well understood and integrated, can only make a stronger union.

Suggest the imaginative and decent ways of being able to face opposition and conflict, turning the challenges into possibilities for the growth and strengthening of the bond that unites us.

Mutual Growth and Respect 

Above all, 02:02 emphasizes the basic importance of growing together and growing in mutual respect in the building up of a healthy love relationship. 

This encourages us to invest in our personal development and the growth of the other. That is to say, personal growth feeds the vitality of our relationship. 

This would lay the way for more togetherness based on respect and admiration, where each one of them will feel of worth, understood, and supported in their traverse through life.

Angelic Interpretation of the Hour 02:02

The guardian angel corresponding with 02:02 is Achaiah whose influence extends from 02:00 to 02:20. He is the symbol of kindness as well as of indulgence. He guides you along the right path, and gives you access to great knowledge in the realms of spirituality and faith.

He breathes divine patience into you. If you practice meditation while invoking the Angel Achaiah, you will have access to your different inner worlds, as well as to some of the mysteries of the occult. Pray that he can help you to resolve complex problems which require great clarity.

Influence of the Archangels on 02:02

Hours: From 02:00 to 03:00 – Archangel: Zadkiel – Planetary Energy: Jupiter

Hours: From 02:00 to 03:00 – Archangel: Haniel – Planetary Energy: Venus

Hours: From 02:00 to 03:00 – Archangel: Zaphkiel – Planetary Energy: Saturn

Hours: From 02:00 to 03:00 – Archangel: Raphael – Planetary Energy: The Sun

Hours: From 02:00 to 03:00 – Archangel: Gabriel – Planetary Energy: The Moon

Hours: From 02:00 to 03:00 – Archangel: Camael – Planetary Energy: Mars

Hours: From 02:00 to 03:00 – Archangel: Michael – Planetary Energy: Mercury

What does 02:02 mean in Numerology?

The total value of the mirror hour 02:02 is “4”. This number shows that you have high powers of concentration. When you set yourself a goal, you do everything you can to achieve it. You have a way of doing things which is right for you and the least people can say about it is that it achieves wonders!

The hour 02:02 means that you are aware of what is possible in your future. To guarantee yourself this future you make sure to construct a solid foundation first. Whether it be in your emotional or professional life, you make sure that stability is a given. You sometimes have your feet on the ground a bit too much and you dislike the unexpected.

You have the innate ability to do well in a field which requires a great deal of precision; sectors like finance, scientific research, or justice. You have a great potential to succeed, but you are unfortunately going to need to overcome the different obstacles which get in your way regularly.

However you must also take care! By being so involved in organizing and controlling things you can cut yourself off from other people. It is possible that someone is hiding things from you for fear that you won’t understand things which are “outside of the box” or beyond your understanding. Show that you are able to listen and above all keep an open mind!

Connection between 02:02 and the Tarot

The Tarot card corresponding to 02:02 is the Popess! This major arcanum of the Tarot embodies introspection. She represents confidentiality and wisdom. She unveils mysteries thanks to the intuition which accompanies her. She encourages reflection and meditation.

This card represents observation and analysis. The Popess is good at discretion and keeps her observations tightly to her chest. This indicates that you are going to wisely handle all of the negative situations which you encounter. She also suggests that romantic feelings are developing in the heart of someone close to you.

However she can also suggest that a situation has become stuck. By spending your time analyzing, you risk missing out on the call for action! The Popess can represent withdrawal into oneself. Definitely do not fall into this type of behavior.

In the realm of love, the Popess is a sign of understanding and restraint. You should find a good balance in your relationship. She also informs of a birth or a pregnancy for you or someone close to you. In the realm of work you are going to enter a waiting period. She prioritizes training and knowledge. In financial matters, it is security which takes priority. You are good at managing money and you take care to weigh up the pros and cons of each new expenditure.

Any comment on the 02:02 mirror hour?

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  1. I came across this message at 02:02am. It appears i have finally gained the message i had been waiting on.

    Many thanks Angel Achaiah.
    Many thanks also to the Author of this page.


  2. I love you dad sleep tight and please 🙏 look after me and family . I hold you close to my heart every day 24hours 💯 rid the nastiness as I have a massive heart like you . Miss you , wish I could have you back just for 1 day at least . Love you with my heart . Rest easy party hard and merry Christmas ❤️❤️❤️

  3. i thank you for presenting yourself this morning. im thankful that you watching over me. i would like to ask you to open those doors that are still closed in my life,close those that brings heart ache,misfortune and pain in my familys lives. i’m asking you to protect my children n my husband at all times. i trust and believe that all this are already granted.

  4. I only ask if you to guide my family in the most honest righteous path to bring them good health and happiness on their journey .
    I don’t wish any financial gain from you only through hard work from my family may they prosper.
    Look over my one family member who needs your help .
    Thank you .

  5. Dear Archangel Zadkiel
    Kindly help my son ervin mitchel in his journey to study pathway to australia be granted and soon my daughter Erynn, thanks. Protect our family from dangers and diseases. Bless us with abundance. Protect Erwin from attcks of enemies. Thank you

  6. Dear Angel Achaiah
    I Pray that ypu help me and my family to resolve complex problems which require great clarity. Please bring me and my family good fortune and guide us in overcoming the challenges of life.. kindly help me win super jackpot in lottery and help my children Ervin & Erynn to be granted canadian student visa. Bless with abundance all our investments. Help me and my family achive all our goals. Thank you very much.

  7. Thank you very much , i have been waking up for the past 2weeks at 02 :02 , Oli have to google it to find out what meaning it is , everything single sentence there was true , my brother hiding some information from and its making me planning to take make a wrong decision, but thanks to my angel

  8. There’s something more powerful in us, I can feel it! Now! I’m going through some cross road in my life and this number is the answer to my questions. I’m greatful. I’ve been seing them regularly it sounds to me like this is all just some coincidence but now I understand we are earthly Angel’s and there’re gift handed to us to help out some folks out there which are lost. Spread love and light with No limites. Thanks to the spirit guards and all thanks to God almighty. P E A C E !!!

  9. Wow! This message nailed it!
    The man I love and I had a little chat after he posted a comment on WhatsApp. Was a comment about all the hate that it’s happening nowadays in this world. Which makes him sad.

    And I replied to his post. We chatted for a bit about it. And me not knowing that I posted this post on the Mirror hour 2:02 and what I posted was Saying But Love Always Wins.

    Then I went to WhatsApp to check if he saw it. And then was when I realized I posted this post at this time 2:02 . I’m still learning about the Angels / Mirror Hours numbers. Which it’s why when I see a Mirror Number I always searched it up the meaning. And then everything I just read in here. Really gave me great signs.

    And I am so grateful for this message. Thank you so much Angels, God and the Universe.

    Thank you! 🙏🏼 ❤️ 👼’s

  10. I am so excited for all my new journeys. Thank you my Guardian Angel and Archangel. Thank you God in Heaven and on Earth for your support, guidance and protection.
    The source of it all.

  11. I saw the time at 02:02 and googled it straightaway and today is 19th February the 2nd month. I skimmed through this article to numerology part about the number 4 when I looked at the time, it was 02:04 hahaha. The numerology and Tarot reading are true to me. I’ve been feeling down lately and I feel like escaping to a quiet place… mainly in mediation. Thank you universe!

  12. I normally used to hate looking at things like these. Back when l thought there was something wrong with me and didn’t fully understand why l would keep seeing numbers, keep having anxiety, keep having to heal from things, keep getting messages and going through transformations. Now lm starting to get it so I’m slowly letting myself pay attention to angel numbers. I see a lot of them but mainly there’s about 5 mirror numbers l see frequintly that all have some useful messages l can work with. For this one ‘WORK ON YOURSELF’ rings very true. Also the feeling of being stuck. I’m starting to become unstuck now but there’s more thought patterns and behaviours lm working through. I’m not sure about Angel Achaiah never heard of them. I tend to work with my own energies and intuition than relying on external beings to do the work on me

  13. What else could have the same impact as what was stated here??? READING THIS COMMENT BEFORE ANY OTHER ONE!!!!!

    Thanks Shay! 😘

  14. From the beginning to the end every word. My intuition my senses my spirituality. Even my empatizing all of it… have been showing me signs that i have been ignoring, some not intentionally, but burned under so many stressful moments that it kept me from what really matters…i just pray that now that my eyes are opened that they keep on guiding me to the right path. And protect me while i walk it because there lots that do not want me to and try to stop me….
    Thank you for interpreting the message that was so clear and yet i refused to obey for way to long

  15. Thankyou my angels spirits and guides I’m so so great full for the path I am being lead on I’m so ready for my fresh start Thankyou the Devine and universe always ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Would love to talk to others that experience these magical moments I could really do with some advice and support I’m directed to a lot of information and have had this gift since I was young I’ve always believed in god just need guiding with Angel’s sometimes I get scared st what there telling and showing as it so real.

  17. I was thinking about a girl who is also ma bestie all day long.i love her n i like her n i saw 02:02. i hope that everything will be fine with us as a couple..im very happy seeing this message from Achaih. Thank u thank u thank u Angel.love u soo much

  18. I had been haunted by this hour. I hated it knowing that someone could hide things from me ! Always follow your intuition lol

  19. This Is for real. I have been use meaning hour to relate with my thoughts. Its help ne a lot to make decision. This meaning hour have strong relation that i dont believe that spirit or angel are really exist. I dont understand if great spirit that they are outside ME. I dont want to sound arogan but i do think that i am great spirit, i am an angel, i believe Carl Jung syncronicity.

  20. Thank u am just speechless God is great synchronicity is real we are connected with the creator

  21. I did in fact ask if a particular individual was right for me just days ago…wow. It always amazes me that we have so much divine support.

  22. Wow…feels as if I needed to see this and everything is so true for me. I do believe and I’m so grateful. Thank you.

  23. Amazing… This was true for me… Each and everything thats going on right now is being said here… Am so amazed…also shocked… I hope i follow this as most od the things said here are applicable for my life and the situation i am right now

  24. 02-02 is my birthday, or lemme say the day i just wake up and decided i wanna change my date of birth. How silly. But i did changed it to 02-02 and seriously what led me here is not coincidence. I wanna learn, i wanna discover, i wanna get heal and give healings.

  25. Thank you universe. I dont want to be selfish, i have to comment. Thank you universe, thank you thank you soooooooo much.

  26. First time i comment but it need to be thanks to the people who are anges in the earth thanks for the good content and i never imagine my life without that information
    Mutch Love and peace for all <3
    Thanks for all

  27. I have pure faith in my signs from my Angels all what I have read 02:02 really has meaning in my life ATM and it’s something that I need not put to bed as it involves a baby 👶 and a mother who is hiding something from me it’s basically telling me everything I already know but just confirming it & I love and thank my signs from my Angels ❤️ I thank heavens for each day I wake up no matter my situations I am blessed and blessed to have a daughter ..who was born on my birthday 🎉

  28. I just want to say that “we are not alone” there is a God above us..this is an interconnected universe…my phone froze while I was typing a negative message so I discarded it then the clock displayed ’02:02′ and now I’m reading the most accurate description of my life situation..I am just grateful!
    we should just look after fellow human and animal beings as much as possible and exercise kindness at all levels because one thing which is common in all of us is pain and fear and we can replace it with love and kindness.

  29. Could not be more accurate for me, every single word! If this isn’t a big slap in the face from God and the universe wholly conspiring to get me to take action, I don’t know what else could have the same impact as what you have stated here. Oh my god! I am freaking out! Good freaking, you know? Thank you Lord thank you Universe 🙏🏼

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