05:05 Meaning

When we observe a moment of synchronicity, like seeing the mirror hour 05:05, it can raise a few questions, especially if it appears to you frequently! Here you will gain a detailed and complete understanding of this mirror hour. You should then analyze the information so as to understand the sign which your subconscious has taken note of.

This is communicated to our conscious mind through the medium of mirror hours. Carl Jung demonstrated that two events with apparently no connection can have a meaning for the person who observes them. If you have come across the hour 05:05 then there is a reason for it!

We are now going to attempt to provide you with an interpretation of this double hour through studying the angels in the Jewish Kabbalah. You will learn the name of the angel who has influence over 05:05, as well as what they are able to bring to you. We will also make use of numerology and the Tarot of Marseilles. Feel free to share with us your experience of synchronicities in the comments below.

Significance of 05:05 with the Guardian Angels

If you have come across the mirror hour 05:05, then this means that the guardian angels are announcing that they will give you a considerable amount of support! You love life! You celebrate it whenever possible. For you, life is a series of new experiences which enriches you with its diversity as well as its complexity. The angels will guide you through your imagination. Listen to the little voice in your head which sometimes speaks to you, it has good things to say.

The angels will help you to develop your creative side. You have a fertile imagination, but you find it difficult to organize your ideas. You certainly have a lot of them! You are very skilled at expressing yourself and letting others know what you are thinking. You clearly have a way with words.

You're a real powerhouse! Your overwhelming amount of activity, be it physical or mental, is very impressive. You demonstrate an energy which is out of the ordinary. For you, exploring life is about learning new things and giving yourself new opportunities. Your time is a real asset and you do your best to make good use of it.

This proactive approach gives you a strong power to attract people. You can rally a team and even give hope to those who have lost it. Take this role seriously and do not hesitate to ask for help from the angels. They can then give you the right words to comfort those who need it.

Mirror Hour 05:05 Love Meaning

05:05 is an invitation to plunge into the discovery of new edges of love. It opens oneself to a new experience, at times exhorting and urging, other times out of the comfort zone.

It's a reminder that love is not only a feeling, but also a journey of adventure, exploration and personal growth.

Adventure and Exploration in Love

05:05 inspires you to embark on new love adventures, to embrace new experiences with an open heart.
This journeyed adventure calls them to resettle ways of coming together, sharing those priceless moments, and inviting purpose into their lives.

The most important thing is to be open to sharing new adventures, knowing that each shared experience in this kindjsond of life actually enriches the relationship and brings the two of you closer in ways you may never expect.

Getting out of the Comfort Zone

This sequence reminds you of the need to step out of your comfort zone and venture into uncharted relational territory.

This can mean daring to express deep feelings, trying new activities together or even broaching difficult subjects.

Embracing the feeling of vulnerability and yielding to the same will open the doors for love experiences where one feels enriched, experiences strengthened connection, and intimacy.

Personal Growth Through Relationships

05:05 encourages you to see relationships as valuable opportunities for personal and mutual growth.

This hour calls that all learn from one another's experiences, grow together, and help one another with personal development.

When this meaning of lessons and challenges is realized as ways to make your own and that of your partner richer, it creates a conducive atmosphere whereby each can bloom fully, and love takes on a deeper and more meaningful state.

Angelic Interpretation of the Hour 05:05

The guardian angel corresponding with 05:05 is Hekamiah whose influence extends from 05:00 to 05:20. He is the symbol of benevolence and fraternity. With him you are placed under the protection of powerful and influential people. He will open doors for you which often remain closed for others!

He will guide you towards an adoration and a contemplation of creation as a whole. He spreads a universal love throughout your being. This will keep you from feelings like jealousy and will protect you from people who have bad intentions. He builds you up spiritually which means you will have no need to fear attacks from things like spells and rituals.

Influence of the Archangels on 05:05

Hours: From 05:00 to 06:00 – Archangel: Haniel – Planetary Energy: Venus

Hours: From 05:00 to 06:00 – Archangel: Zaphkiel – Planetary Energy: Saturn

Hours: From 05:00 to 06:00 – Archangel: Raphael – Planetary Energy: The Sun

Hours: From 05:00 to 06:00 – Archangel: Gabriel – Planetary Energy: The Moon

Hours: From 05:00 to 06:00 – Archangel: Camael – Planetary Energy: Mars

Hours: From 05:00 to 06:00 – Archangel: Michael – Planetary Energy: Mercury

Hours: From 05:00 to 06:00 – Archangel: Zadkiel – Planetary Energy: Jupiter

What does 05:05 mean in Numerology?

The total value of the mirror hour 05:05 is number 10. This number shows your independence. You are very determined and you will achieve your goals as long as you are given the space you need to progress in your own way. It is not in a person’s interest to target you. We both know how important it is to avoid setting off your fiery temperament which you keep under a relaxed exterior.

From the outside you may appear gentle and calm, but people should be wary not to disrupt your balance. You are interested in exploring disciplines related to spirituality. You are on a quest for truth, but be careful not to take the paths less traveled too often, or else risk getting lost.

You are someone who likes action and it is not uncommon for you to do several things at the same time. You continue along your life path with positivity, and if you are able to find the path best-suited for you, you will be able to accomplish great things! You have great listening and analytical skills. You can succeed where others fail.

The double hour 05:05 shows that you are going to complete a cycle. You will finally receive the fruit of your efforts and what you receive will be abundant. You have an almost unlimited potential, but to reach it you must fight your tendency to question yourself so much. Your “imposter syndrome” must be banished for good! You deserve happiness! You have worked hard to build a solid future for yourself and for those close to you, so enjoy the journey!

Connection between 05:05 and the Tarot

The Tarot card corresponding to 05:05 is the Pope! This major arcanum of the Tarot embodies clairvoyance and insight. It emphasizes forgiveness and tolerance. It often gives helpful information and it is a symbol of honor.

The pope is a strong sign of wisdom and experience. He shows that you are heading in the right direction, the one which involves a high level of reflection and humility. He fosters romantic and professional relationships, since he enforces harmony. He extinguishes destructive passions to bring about stability.

But this arcanum is also the defender of principals. If you are bad at keeping your word, or honoring your commitments, you have a high risk of losing everything. If the card is in a negative position, he could be warning you of a betrayal or protecting you from someone with bad intentions!

The Pope is a sign of union. If you are waiting for a marriage, it is being clearly indicated! He symbolizes the strength of feelings and faithfulness to one’s partners. At work you are going to sign the contract that you were waiting for. In every outcome an agreement will be found which will suit all parties. This is also true in the realm of finance. You are going to reach an agreement if you are seeking a loan or if you are trying to sell a property.

Any comment on the 05:05 mirror hour?

76 responses to “05:05”

  1. The great angel Hekamiah I most say I’m grateful for waking up to this wonderful mirror hour 05:05 truth be told I felt so much energies in me and it makes me believe that I’m being guided by all angel therefore I Ebenezer hereby appreciate all the guardian angels and the universe as I seek for more support and protection on everyday of my life 🙏

  2. So shall it be 🎇Amen.
    Thank you very much Angel I received your help.
    Thank you for being here for me.
    Today is my Birthday this is a Beautiful Gift am Blessed to have you near me.
    I really needed your help.
    Once again thank you very much.
    Thank you Almighty and thank you
    My Dear Angel .
    Thank you Universe🎇🍀🙏🏽❤🕊

  3. Amen amen thank you angel for your consideration and prayers for me and your loving and protection towards me 🙏🏾😇❤️🕯.

  4. Sweet guardian angel Hekamiah my heart is so troubled no joy in my heart as I type this but I trust in you that you’re going to help me overcome every sorrow in my heart

  5. Hello angel hekamiah, I greet you in Jesus name amen. It’s my second time here. I was here in November. Number 11 on the comments. And the message I wrote then is same today… HELP ME. Thank you for reaching out to me, I can’t stop crying because I am feeling so low. Yesterday I went mad I lost my temper said things I regret TO MY DAUGHTER. Let me be honest I don’t like the father of my childs behavior towards me n our child. I have been trying to be civil but he just puns me n hurts me by hurting our child. My soul is hurting angel hekamiah I have lost balance. I feel energies both negative n positive. I have family members who are against me. I lost my job my finances are bad, I feel stuck. Oh angel hekamiah forgive me for for feeling this way. I just want to live a normal life. I am grateful for all you do for for all my heavenly father does for me, but I am crying out please. How do I do this . Protect my daughter even from me. This past weekend set the tone I was around my spirit was provoked. Please help me

  6. Angel Hekamiah, thank you for your guidance teachings and support. I am very happy to discover and know you.

    Thank you.

    My father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.

  7. Angel Hekamiah i thank you in advance moving forward. Please shower me with teachings, protection and the path to walk in order to carry out my works. I want to help the less fortunate. I want to be of assistance to others in need of help.

    Thank you for communicating with me on this day, this hour.

    Thank you to the Author and Management / creators of this site also.
    Thank you Most High, Mother Nature< my Angels, my Universe.


  8. Woke up today early morning at 05 05 . I feel I am been taken care of and on my path . It’s getting deeper and deeper .my faith increasing every passing second. Thankyou so much all my angels. I honour you ,I listen to you and I am working on getting better at it. I know you have chosen me amd gifted me and I have to practise meditation alot more amd am working on it. Thankyou Universe thankyou angels
    I have so much of gratitude I feel and humbleness that you are staying connect Ted qith ne at all times. .

  9. 🙏I woke up to this mirro hour 05:05 I can tell I’m blessed,☺️ please my angels keep up the good work I deserve happiness 😞❤️

  10. I can’t believe how accurate this is! WOW. I have an open heart and am receiving all the good that is coming my way. So very grateful. Thank you for such accuracy.

  11. Spot on. I’m grateful to read comments here and find out am not alone seeing this mirror hour. May the Higher power guide me towards my next steps.

  12. Thank you father God almighty, thank you for sending my heavenly friends my guardians angels to watch over and my child andnall that concerns me. I cried alot last night because of all that has been taking place. I am open will always be ready to receive your guidance father. I need it. I was diagnosed with fibroids on Monday and now they say I need surgery.

    My guardian angels heal is my portion just like the woman with the issue with blood. I trust you will heal me. I have been having issues with the father of my child, I need by your guidance it is resolve guardian angel Hekamiah. I have been planning to move to a bigger home, planing to buy a car, planning to buy a plot so we start building, invest in more in my business and also improve our quality of life.

    Your guidance has proved that am on the right track despite all the confusion I will make it before December 31 in Jesus name. Thank you angel Hekamiah for the honor.

  13. Thank You Lord Jesus for these Angels guiding supporting & directing me in ways I can not describe.. Heavenly Friends & Angelic gods I will forever be grateful… Amen xoxo

  14. God of heavens blessed be your Name in the highest.Blessed Guardian angels thanks very much for your care and love towards me.Please continue to guard and support me in Jesus Name Amen

  15. Hello to all you Earth Angels,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers! God and his Angels are trying to let us all know that there is so much love surrounding you right now, if you have asked God for something just now let go and let God, yes God is going to surprise you with much much more than you have requested so much more because God’s got this ! All God wants from you and it’s not much in the scheme of things! Is Believe, Trust, Keep Faith, Strong hope and Patience!!!! That last one I have struggled with though I am never giving up! The Angels are sent to communicate messages from God to guide us along the way! Take heed and all will come to light! The Lion’s Gate portal is currently open from 8am on the 8th August to 8pm on the 12th August 2022 This is your opportunity while the planets are aligning to manifest your heartfelt intentions don’t worry just continue to love and serve the Lord who loves you unconditionally! Amen 🙏🕯

  16. Now i can see God realy love us he can alow every thngs to talk to us because he first love us sending his only son.thank you God for sending us you angels to help us

  17. Today 10 June 2022
    I woke up to pray in the morning and immediately saying Amen
    I took my phone from my pocket and the time was 5:05 I felt so blessed later in the evening went to pick up my younger sister from school
    As soon as we got home I sat down and took my phone out from my pocket it was 5:05

    Please someone should help me thank the guardian’s Angles, spirit around us, the universe, and most importantly, the Creator
    For blessing me every time
    For they know who I’m supposed to be and they should help me become who I was created to be.
    Thank you universe

  18. When it hit 5:05 I quickly came here to check and what a coincidence it’s my first time meeting a sync and my guardian angel is also hekamiah

  19. All of these comments are making me cry so much. I love you all. I am not sure what is happening, but it is getting more and more intense by the day. I have constant mirror hours, and different variations of 01:23, 10,23,10:32, 21:30 12:03, 12:34, 21:43 etc etc. Entities/angels visit me every day and do body work on me. I don’t know why I am so blessed. Whatever this is, and whatever/whoever we are… just believe that something is happening and we are all together. I love you all so much. Thank you God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mother Nature, Angels, Aliens, Universe…. Thankyou All for your blessings x

    • Dear Caroline

      I am experiencing the same. I don’t have words. My heart swells, I feel like crying sometimes and I am in denial at times.

      My family is deep into spirituality. I have wandered off for a long time but I was being reminded each time because I was seeing 11:11 constantly. Like everyday!

      I got married despite my intuition told me not to. And it ended up very badly. 4 years of my life gone. But I learned the greatest lesson of life.

      I don’t have much knowledge to share with you but I will just say Stay true to your inner self. Don’t let this world get you. 🙂

      Much love,

  20. I’ve been seeing a lot of these coded numbers and have been going through the most, I’m trusting the process.. my angel are at work.

  21. So spot on and comforting. I am mostly living by their guidance. They enter my body and give me skills. I’m not sure why I am so lucky. I am seeing numbers constantly. Literally constantly. Messages through songs and through the Bible. Nobody understands. I don’t try and tell anybody anymore. It’s just me and them. Whoever they are. If one were to possess a certain gift for example, but nobody could understand… with whom could one possibly speak too that has spiritual knowledge and an open mind?

  22. In the name of the unique Creator, who does not leave his servants in hardships, illuminates the path for us with the light of his guidance. The heavenly angels glorify him
    Please guide us, inform us and be vigilant so that we can see your signs and be grateful to you at every moment. Amen

  23. Yesterday I experienced universal love with my brother. At Kari o tahi beach, I felt connected the moment my feet touched that sand, like sensation of life. We walked ahead towards the water fall where it met with the sea, I’m Māori so I sat in the flowing river and my heart felt like it was communicating with my ancestors, my spiritual awakening. It was beautiful 😍 we then carried up the Maunga once we got to the top. Overlooked the moana and whenua. I experienced my clear vision and I’m glad I spent it with my brother ! We both needed it n we both got it

    Thank you guardian angels for guiding me every single day.
    I love use ✨🙌🏽

  24. Dear Angel Hekamiah, please protect me and my family from people who have bad intentions. Bless me to win super jackpot in lottery and bless all our investments. Kindly help my children to be granted canadian visa. Thank you. Amen

  25. Have been seeing these twin numbers since years… thank you so much for giving the detailed angelic guidance…. It really helps us a lot in solving the mysteries…. May HIS blessings b showered on you and yr team…. Thanks once again

  26. Ever since I’ve been opened to this spiritual awakening journey I’ve been seen seeing mirror hour/ twin hour even in the midst of my dream. I thank you sincerely for interpreting the meaning and messages behind these numbers. It has helped me understand the angels and the spiritual realm. Much much love!!!!

  27. I have been getting constant mirror hours for a while now. I am living in code. These messages are starting to make so much more sense. I love you Angels x Doot Doot! x

  28. Dear heART, thank~you 4 your helping in conveying this diVine message 4 me, i appreciate y<3u !
    May all the unconditional love you share through your Authenticity, and y<3ur work, and 4 this message, cOme round and nourish y<3u, in the ways that serve y<3u BEst. Sariah OKsana

  29. Hi,
    I just woke up n saw this angel I hope all shall be well I got atranezaneka yesterday vaccineted, am not feeling well,again am jobless been applying jobs online others one on one,I hope angel number 05;05 will see me through,above all my relationship is not bad only distance is abity tricky but I believe we will be together as one ,my friends don’t give up press on God bless you

    • Thank you for your heartfelt message! I have been reading through all these messages for some reason yours resonated with me. No idea why except I am also waiting for God’s Devine timing to bring my DM and I together! It’s also Lions Gate portal closing tomorrow I pray that I am able to go out and do what God wants me to do. I am seeing so soooo many double and triple and repeating numbers and not of just one number it’s every number from 00!- 99999, I am trying my best to keep upI just know that both God and all his Angels are here with me abd I will be only too happy to go with whatever they want of me! I am forever grateful for all God’s many beautiful Blessings and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts! Amen I am sending you this message from Scarborough Qland 4020Australia

  30. Thanks for the guidance beautiful angel. I was really disappointed with my life. Each day has been hell to me. Hope everything will be fine. Thank you so much. I am a capricorn decan two. And monkey fire.

  31. I’ve started seeing these numbers the Day I started fasting….and I’m still seeing it on a daily basis

  32. I was watching a movie twice on two different days when it appeared to me while watching movie number 0505 …
    Is it a sign that I am not watching this movie?

  33. Crazy. Just woke up at 5:05 from what I believe was a past life dream, which unleashed trauma and pain which I haven’t healed in my soul. Something told me to look the number up and it was confirmation that everything is ok and I need to have faith, in order for this new cycle to come in. I learned from my dream and now I’m ready to move forward on my journey. Thank you!

  34. I have been seeing mirror hours for a long time, I didn’t even know who to talk to where to start. I’m an Aquarian and the messages from the angel are so true…

  35. Just woke up to 05:05 and I’ve been seeing mirror numbers and the reflection of meaning is amazing!

  36. I’ve been able to see Spirit/ Demons/ Orbs of different Colours and the Good ones too since a very age. Often when I know what’s going to happen well before hand. I’ve had complete Protection, should have Dead a 1,000+ times. I can Track though never taught, shoot a Fly of a wall, Weapons come Naturally. I can unleash He’ll or Goodness. I KNOW that I’ve lived before. For 20 yrs non stop Double,Triple and Mirrored Numbers 9/10. Times a Day.

  37. Wow! At the same time I was reading this , which ofcourse resonated with me 100% I had a feather dancing in a circular motion just around me. I was so blown away because I know the feather is an indication that an angel was close by… I actually took a video of it and then I picked up the Feather. Wow! Spirituality is one of the best things that has happened to me. Thanks again and again🙏🏽

  38. This is my first time here but the message I got from mirror hour is Apt, a true definition of everything I was facing at the time and it best described me. Wow. I am overwhelmed. I have more to share.

  39. God bless whoever is behind the posts on this site. I have been experiencing the same thing with symmetrical numbers, on TV, my phone clock and all around. It’s been happening for years and I didn’t take note or understand it, until my spiritual awakening kicked in. I believe that Angels and God talk to us, the universe does we just gotta silent our ego and let our souls speak. It is no coincidence we these repeating numbers, I hope you remember to remember to pray and ask for guidance, direction and clarity. My name is Roy from Nigeria in some Village called Aso’C and all I can say is we are one and are connected to one source. Sending love and light your way

  40. Hi all I am also experiencing this on a very very regular basis and on a daily basis without fail and it seems that every time I look at the clock or my watch or my phone its always double digit symmetrical numbers and I am not exaggerating when I am telling you all that its every day and quite a lot of times throughout the day. What is the whole general meaning of this please?xx I really don’t know what to think about it all so if someone can help me then I will be so truly grateful x

  41. I just woke up to see 05:05 and i was like ‘Whoah!’ I’ve been seeing repeating numbers most of the time since last year and anytime i see them,i find myself here to read meanings into it. It makes so much sense. Sending love and light your way. Thank you.

  42. Wow. This message has really spoken to me this morning. Thank you sweet Angels for taking charge. You have said all what is in my heart and you know me so well. So, I believe you will continue to guide me throughout this journey.
    Thank you.

  43. its about one year that i see mirror numbers, same numbers like 11:11 22:22, and so on, and i don’t know what to do with that… please help.

  44. I’m an Aquarian, I’m very padentic, so spot, so much so… You took the words right out of my heart 🤞♒🦄

    I’m calm, I trust in my, my existence, my journey, myself in my journey, at this point touch is a move.
    I want to thank my angel, ancestors for always being there, loving me unconditionally, loving myself unconditionally, trusting my life process. I call soon my angels to protect me from fear, doubt and negative thoughts, I ask them to help me with any anything I commit myself to, to help me commit to myself, and honoring my word. To stand fight for I set out to, to never think less of my, to be aware of myself, my space, myself in that space, to speak from the centre of me, which is the universe. To go live my best life, with the fullness of infinite capabilities, wisdom, and to the best of my ability.
    Thank you

  45. It has very much resonated with me, and came to me as encouragement and clarity. I am very impressed with your interpretation of meaning of numbers 05:05.
    Its exactly what I am going through at present, and has shed light on aspects of personal development direction I need to take further. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work 🙂

  46. My oh my this describes me in the way I know myself. Nothing has ever been this accurate. I am an Aquarian and I am so pedantic but I can’t find any inaccuracies. So very impressed.

  47. Hi Krista!
    Here i am again! Same hour, i was sleeping and wake up to see this hour, again!
    Well, there is good and bad days, but i just want to be in peace you know? I dont care anymore, just need peace, please angels!
    Thank you, i love you all.
    Thanks Krista! XOXO

  48. Thanks!
    Its been a night of seing mirror numbers! Amazing messages and i was doubting one hour message, when i was about to come back and comment, cuz was a reversed message about the one i love, inmediatly you Angels show me the confirmation of the first happy message!!! Really shocking to me, but very emotional and beautiful…
    The One I love is with someone else…. But i cant get him out of my system, ive tryed hard so hard and i cant… So, divine told me he is the right one for me. Be patience and dont doubt youraelf!
    Even tho i am heart broken, there is a light inside of me. I will expect the things or gifts Dibine will deliver to me cuz they know i am a good person….
    Hoping the best for us, just hanging in here….

  49. Eu estava vendo a lua em uma noite de quinta feira , a lua estava linda de uma maneira que nunca tinha visto antes com uma estrela em cima e outra em baixo, quando eu entro pra pegar o celular pra fotografar
    Quando vejo a hora era 05:05
    Logo em seguida fui me deitar porque já estava com sono quando uma voz na minha cabeça falo pra eu pesquisar sobre a hora que tinha visto 05:05
    Quando me deparei com esse site falando sobre s hora,comecei a ler e vi a influência dos arcanjos em 05:05
    No dia de quinta feira arcanjo Gabriel com energia planetário: A lua
    Fiquei um pouco sem acreditar oclokov

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